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  1. Okay. Thanks for clarifying, rage. I apologize for sounding revisionist and disgruntled in my post. I really shouldn't be, considering how hard it was for you guys to organize this event. A big thank you to all teams who participated, especially those who fought against us. I think in this SATAC I got a taste of very different styles of DCS A2A engagements, be it the super-defensive and protracted engagement with Team China, the merge-thrill closecalls with the numerically inferior 4-ship TAW, or getting chased around from Bullseye to outside battle area by 104th, it was tremendous amount of fun! Thank you Microvax and Moltar for those excellent live-streams. Congratulations to 51st for winning SATAC. NP will be back next year for the Champion title =D
  2. From what I heard from my team. The inability of 51 to step into NP’s shoes and agree to moving the final math to next weekend is a big regret in this SATAC. You have to understand by the time NP won SF it was already 3:30am Monday in China. Guys have to work on Monday. A very big regret that 51 would deny our very legitimate request to re-schedule final match. Could have been a very good show for the community. To say that “we waited a long time for NP for final but it was not meant to be” without mentioning to any degree at all why NP wanted a re-schedule is also quite regrettable. It was a good event otherwise! Thanks for organizing it! We had a lot of fun=)
  3. by the way, I really like SATAC website's video banner, good work!=D
  4. First of all, thanks a lot for postponing the match to Oct.14! Really appreciate that! My team is looking forward to this weekend. Is it okay for us to declare our aircraft lineup for the first match like right before the match? Because we will have a somewhat different pilot line-up than the one I posted here due to team member's personal scheduling conflicts. Much thanks!
  5. Squad Name: VF-6666 =NP= Time Zone for all pilots: Zulu+8 Aircraft Selection for 1st match: F15*2, M2K*2,Su-33*2 Pilot Rooster: =NP=Master Yoda =NP=Niaotou =NP=Driver =NP=Newbie =NP=Skywalker =NP=518 =NP=Yellow Crane =NP=Saobao =NP=165 =NP=Killer (this list is subject to change as I am trying to add in as many backup fliers as possible in case of no shows) and a request October 1-7 every year is a major national holiday in mainland China. Because of this, a lot of squadrons based in China cannot send enough people for SATAC, my team is also struggling to come up with six people. Therefore my request is that from next year, if possible, let's push SATAC's start date to mid-October. I guarantee you will see many more Chinese players participating.
  6. Coordinating the A2G flights was very fun and they responded to my mission requests really rapidly. So a big thank you to all strikers. MicroVax and other viggens did a fantastic job on the ultra-risky SEAD missions, the CAS action on pop up enemy convoy was also very fun to watch. Also, my squad mates in the A-10 A2G flight told me they had a lot of fun flying with Lt.Hicks and others, I had some trouble persuading my squad mates to fly the A-10 because they were concerned that lack of previous coordination with non-NP pilots might make A2G mission very difficult. It turned out Lt.Hicks and his pals are pros and it was a great fun hunting together with them.
  7. Rgr that much thanks! I will be in 104th TS ahead of time.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the rooster update, I noticed that my squad- =NP= is all placed on the reserve list. Given that it is unlikely my squad will get bumped up from the reserve list, I am applying for both the Blue ATC and Blue Air Boss Role(noticed both are vacant) . I have previous experience coordinating air traffic for ground and carrier-borne A2A-A2G joint missions using SR and TS and I am quite familiar with the Su-33 operations. I noticed there is only 1 Su-33 in Blue team, so I think I can double as both the ATC and Air Boss. Callsign: =NP= Master Yoda Role: Blue ATC+ Blue Air Boss Squad: =NP= Thanks.
  9. Thanks a lot for the quick response Teknetinium! Looking forward to the announcement.=)
  10. Hi all, Any news on the 2017 SATAC? Last year's news came out around the end of August.
  11. Hi, if possible, we would like to add two more players to our Squadron. Callsign: =NP= Driver Aircraft: A-10c Side: Blue Nationality: China Squadron: VF-6666 =NP= Callsign: =NP= Skywalker Aircraft: M2000c Side: Blue Nationality: China Squadron: VF-6666 =NP=
  12. Updated number of squad participants on 05:34Zulu on Aug. 18. Hi, thanks for organizing this. I am signing up for the =NP= Squadron, we currently have 3 players for this redflag campaign. Player 1: Callsign: =NP=Master Yoda Squadron: =NP= Squadron Nationality: China Plane: A-10C Side: Blue Player 2: Callsign:=NP=Niaotou Squadron: =NP= Squadron Nationality: China Plane: M2000 Side: Blue Player 3: Callsign:=NP=518 Squadron:=NP= Squadron Nationality: China Plane: Su-27 Side: Blue
  13. This is absolutely fantastic work BlackCat Sim! We desperately need a flyable bomber in DCS World. If I have any recommendations, is to keep up with the ultra high quality level of work, so in the future if opportunity presents itself, you can discuss licensing with ED and related parties.
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