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  1. Red 44 is shown taxying briefly in some CONSTANT PEG footage that I was fortunate enough to be given. I'll stream a reaction video to the footage this weekend, and release the raw footage later in the day. We're planning on having a live Q&A with Red Eagles "Z Man" and "Gabby" afterwards (assuming I can make it work!) .Feel free to join! ​ Hmm. Links not embedding. Try these: CONSTANT PEG reaction video: Red Eagle live Q&A: h
  2. Thanks for the support, both :) Part 2 is up. Contains some interesting commentary about how to fly and fight in the F-14.
  3. For the Tomcat drivers here. He had some interesting comments about the first deployment, and about landing on the boat. Part 2 - TOPGUN - will follow in the next week or so.
  4. The key, though, is that when s/he validates your flight model and tells you it's wrong, you don't then tell them they must be mistaken.
  5. I really do not want to get into another debate about this. So, I'll summarise and then stop posting in this thread: 1. Operational pilots frequently say that they are unable to achieve the performance that the EM charts say they should. Hence, the comment about fantasy. A very simple example: a friend who was an F-15C pilot and flew functional check flights told me that he NEVER managed to get an F-15 to go anything near the Mach number the books said it should have. 2. EM graphs are built using factory-fresh aircraft and factory-fresh engines. The operational fighter pilot will typically see it as simply an illustration of what may be possible 3. Who is to determine what is "accurate" or "unbiased"? If someone who flew the F-15 tells me that the EM diagrams didn't match the reality, I am going to believe them, particularly if this view is widely shared by those who have done the job for real (and I will tell you that, in my experience, it is). If you want to actually hear a fighter pilot talk about what the books said and what the aircraft could do, take a look here (books M1.25, reality M.95): Adieu!
  6. It is almost certainly true that guys who can pontificate and expound based on real world experience have left these forums because of forum members who post without the benefit of real world experience. It’s a great shame for the rest of the community. I had the same experience here trying to explain that EM charts are often more fantasy than fact, but despite quoting numerous fighter pilots as sources, was simply told I was wrong. It’s exhausting trying to reason with these people, so it’s not surprising that people simply give up and move on. Appreciate your efforts, though.
  7. Sorry, but you missed the deadline :( First part is up now: Parts 2 and 3/AMA will be up later this week.
  8. Questions added to the list. Will post the interview next week.
  9. I'm interviewing "Mover" for my channel, 10 Percent True. Current plan is to shoot for 28 Dec. Got a question for Mover? Pls post direct to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRC6h8Vk4d2a9hHDrS1hMA/discussion Merry Christmas! Steve
  10. Can anyone share how to get the steering on the HUD for the steerpoint? Have loaded the DTC and can scroll through the waypoints, but no idea how to get the tadpole up... TIA
  11. Yurgon It's finally posted! Thanks for your interest, and I hope the answers made it worth the time to ask the questions :smartass: Here's the first of the four parts (all on my channel already): :pilotfly:
  12. Thanks, Snappy Recording my final interview this week. I hope to have it live before Christmas Day. YouTube only at the moment. Best wishes Steve
  13. For the Aggressor fans out there. It's a prelude a longer podcast in which the story of the early Aggressors is told by those who were there. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it! :pilotfly:
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