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  1. Interesting, I completely forget I had upgraded to 64gb as well recently! I am running memtest right now on my two new sticks
  2. From discord Seems to have fixed the issue
  3. Well just tried again, thought Tac View might be the issue but loaded up a training mission in the P-47 and everything went fine until I started going down the runway. Just a CTD dcs.log dcs.20210710-141318.crash dcs.20210710-141318.dmp
  4. I’ll give it a shot to check my overclocking, but I keep everything stock on my computer, so unless it’s something wild running in the bios I have no clue what it would be. when the crashes first started I noticed them in VR saying that my track IR was plugged in or unplugged. I have since removed Track Ir and it continues.
  5. Hey @Flappie, I have done all you have listed and even tried the pagefile trick ( that just gave me BSODs after crashing so I reverted) still nothing. Hell I even took all the components out of my pc and gave them a dusting. Not trying to hijack your thread @Specter but it looks like we are encountering the same issue. Also I am not overclocking or underclocking my system, it is running completely stock.
  6. New log file after cleaning and updating drivers with DDU dcs.log
  7. I seem to be having the same issue as you Specter, not sure what's going on, I've tried the above steps as well. Do you happen to use Bitdefender?
  8. I've tried doing a full repair, this happened after the last update and the new one. I have deleted my old dcs.openbeta folder and let the game create a new one. after about 30 - 60 mins the game just crashes. It used to give me a crash message but after deleting my openbeta save file it no longer gives me the crash message. Vr and in Track IR as well dcs.log dcs.20210701-010150.crash dcs.20210701-004235.crash dcs.20210630-161556.crash
  9. Sharpie?! You mean grease pencil! TC 3-04.44 4-97
  10. Nope Haven't changed it at all, BUT since posting this I did try unchecking shortcut is invoked check box on the transmit function, and left it checked on the the stop transmitting function and it seemed to have fixed it for now. I guess I will test it in game. But all the other keybinds have that checked on both functions so I don't know how it works...:pilotfly:
  11. I had a question about the PTT for the intercom, TX5. I know when I use the keyboard and press the 5 button it works as it should (press and hold for listening, release for stop listening) I am trying to bind that to my TX4 on my TM warthog by disabling the TX4 command and switching it to TX5 but when I do that and press and hold nothing happens. When I release the button it now starts listening. I can't figure out a way to fix this
  12. Thanks it works in single player, my question was for online with multiple map markers it sets the steerpoint to someone else’s map marker.
  13. Alright. You guys cleared some stuff up for me, Is anyone using Viacom Pro with Airio that can see the jester menu? Because I am unable to have the menu pop up when using voice attack
  14. Hey guys I had some questions about putting down map markers in multiplayer and navigating to them. I use Voice attack and Viacom Pro as well so I notice the jester menu doesn't pop up for me. So I know that if you place a map marker you can set it as a steerpoint 1-3 but how does it work on multiplayer with other f-14. I can't seem to get him to enter the right steerpoint because he is picking up someone else map marker. Or am I just completely wrong here and I am doing something screwed up. Thanks!
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