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  1. OK...I feel incredibly silly....I have always played in SIM mode....but for some reason the F-18 was playing in Game mode. not sure why I even thought of that...flicked the switch and "MAGNUM" baby...both modes work like a charm now..what a dolt I am!!!! Feel free to troll me!
  2. rob, I'm plugged directly in. OK so new development Here is what I did 1. pulled out the f-18 mod and reinstalled 2. updated drivers for controller and keyboard 3. reinstalled mod 4. changed settings for sensor to the hat on the joystick. Still no change on using the HARMS Started a campaign and after launching of the ship..the following errors are occurring. Gear button will not work. Even though it is wired to the G key. Can not cycle air to air weapons. Stays on the AIM 9 and will not cycle them as well. Other MODS work fine..F-14...etc something in the F-18 doesn't like what I have going on. Guess I have to wait for the next patch as there is no solution at this point for me....bummer...the one weapon I have been waiting to use....it figures...lol Thanks for all the support here folks...If any other great ideas come to mind. Please let me know...but for now...moving on to the Tomcat.
  3. tried all that and still nothing..so frustrating..lol
  4. thanks for the help Tom..Im about to give up on the plane myself
  5. ok so now playing around with things..I notice that in some missions I can remove the pilot graphic and in others it wont work..feeling like this is an input thing now...any ideas where to look?
  6. at this point I have cleared all the inputs and gone back to a complete default setup. Still can't fire them in any mode..or get the sensor diamond up in the left DDI
  7. Thanks Tom. Yes I cant even fire it in SP mode..I tried to switch the DDI..but the Sensor Control left wont register..I will try the other delete idea. Did get the sidewinder working. That was my error
  8. yeah reinstalled..same issue...must be some kind of weird input issue...any ideas..keyboard wont work..Saitek x52 wiont work..changed computer ports..etc..still nada
  9. yeah..some sort of weird input issue...reinstalled the mod still can shoot,,sidewinders, HARM...I key wont cycle targets.....I'm open to thoughts...very frustrating
  10. tied to assign but it wouldn't go there...must be an input issue? Should I remove and reinstall the mod?
  11. OK so working through some things..Can fire the rockets with the stick or keyboard..can't fire the sidewinders though..thinking there is some kind of issue with input..anyone ever heard of that before..seems to be only with f-18 plane..never had this issue at all before
  12. cant cycle targets with the I button either..switched out keyboards thinking that might be the issue..same result..nada
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