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  1. Related to this problem in that it's a cockpit 3D model problem, my pilot's arm keeps doing this, wildly stretching and flailing and obscuring my view.
  2. I suppose I'll keep monitoring it if it happens again. I do think I got the doors closed before we maneuvered, it just isn't imprinted in my mind if I did because it was working when I flew MP as PO before this patch. I've got Observe Off as a hat command to instantaneously close the doors on impact.
  3. Hopefully I explain well enough. Tell me how to upload my track, it's too large to do it in this message with a size of 68.1 MB. First attack after takeoff, everything works, point towards target, OBSERVE ON, acquire and fire, I just miss the target. OBSERVE OFF, RESET RADIATION, SELECT next Shturm, break off from the target, re-orient. Second attack, point towards target, OBSERVE ON, "Weird, the sight is banked 60 degrees to the left, but we're flying level bank." Acquire and fire, very near miss, whatever, I suck at aiming, OBSERVE OFF, RESET RADI...etc. Third attack, point towards target, OBSERVE ON, "Why am I at a 90 degree left bank and slewed thirty degrees to the helicopter's right and 10-ish degrees down?" Slew as far as I can to try and get back to center, get gimbal locked. Whaaat, but I'm trying to point *towards helicopter boresight,* the opposite direction of the gimbal limits. Double check all the switches, all seem good according to the manual. I try going to Spectators then coming back in, everything works again, except when I OBSERVE ON, Pilot sees my pipper immediately shoot off down and to the right again. But it doesn't functionally matter because I can now have Launch Authorization tone again because from my POV everything matches. So talking through what I need Pilot to aim at on his HUD sight lets me launch subsequent launches, it just looks like to him that I'm pointing off in the original incorrect direction. I'm open to the possibility I did something wrong and would be infinitely happy to fix the mistake, but if everything started working once I re-slotted and Pilot's HUD got desynced to where I was having problems originally, I feel like that's a desync issue, but again, I'll let ED folks look at it. An additional desync I noticed: I wasn't hearing RWR sounds when the Pilot's RWR SIGNAL switch was on until after I reslotted. Then RWR audio matched the Pilot's RWR SIGNAL switch state. I just need to find a way to get this track uploaded. Also, I thought I posted this in Bugs and Problems, but apparently I was in the Controller Bugs and Problems section. Apologies.
  4. Hello! I tried to continue the Reforger campaign tonight after updating to 2.7, and I'm on the mission where you take off, rendezvous with Pontiac who launches TALDs, and there's at the same time a large Tomahawk strike on an airfield. I've been stuck on this mission for a while because I suck and kept getting shot down by either the Flankers or Fulcrums that would respond to the attack. However, today nothing was happening after the TALD launch and my flight starts orbiting. I saw in the patch notes that Reforger was updated, but maybe it was not updated on my end or something?
  5. I don't know where the attachment went, so here's hoping this message has it. Sparrow Problems - Tacviews.zip
  6. Our Sparrows are getting trashed by single chaff dispenses. Shouldn't they be better? They work on the Hornet just fine, it seems! Or I and several other people are bad at shooting missiles, but in that case, what are we doing wrong? This first Tacview example is using the latest patch, Tacview "Sparrow Problems - 1.zip.acmi" shows 2x Tomcats ("Bengal 1-1 | LBJ" and "Bengal 1-2 | Ravenhold") shooting 3x total Sparrows. Both Tomcats had good locks: Bengal 1-2 had PD-STT all the way through, Bengal 1-1 locked his target up with...I believe it was a PD-STT lock from RWS that we switched to P-STT when we thought he was about to go into the notch filter. Bengal 1-1's Sparrow looks like it goes dumb the instant the target dispenses a chaff cartridge. Bengal 1-2's Sparrows look like they are tracking for several seconds, but do go dumb. The two following examples were on patch "Sparrow Problems - 2a.zip.acmi" showing a different player ("[CVW-69] Schlumpy") getting a good ACM lock on a Su-25T but the Sparrow goes dumb off the rails. No chaff is involved. "Sparrow Problems - 2b.zip.acmi" shows a Sparrow actually working: "Ravenhold" gets a Sparrow that tracks all the way, but is defeated, I'm assuming, by a good maneuver from the target. I include this example because it looks like it should have missed, going off of the "Sparrow Problems - 1" three examples: a maneuvering target dispensing chaff and flying perpendicular to target's path. Again: if I'm just dumb and don't know how missiles work, feel free to point it out. However, I remember Sparrows working much better in the earlier part of the year.
  7. Is there a place to file bugs? Or just reply here? I and my squadron mates flying the F-14 have Sparrows go dumb off the rails every time. If you've got a place I can throw some Tacviews, I can show this happening. Happens with a PD-STT lock and launch as well as Pulse modes, either through ACM or through P-STT. Ha found the bug report place, posting now.
  8. Okay, I ... I don't think I'm going to ever touch that Repair tool ever again. I can't, I've got pictures of family, of vacations, and home videos from VHS...I can't risk all that by using a DCS tool, what the heck!
  9. I flew the Mistral on Hoggit's TNN training server. It's so much fun, thank you, Polychop, for continuing to support it. I used to fly it a ton before the Hornet got released, and I've been flying fixed-wings pretty much exclusively since then. Again, thank you. So much fun. Two questions: (1) How does SRS work in this module now? I'm hot-mic'ing intercom, and can't figure out how to transmit on the UHF and FM radios other than setting SRS to "Always Allow SRS Hotkeys" (2) Is there IFF that I need to flip on now? Just want to ask in case I appear as No-Response/Hostile on Multiplayer.
  10. Strange, I had my swap file manually set to 16 GB, but as I look now, it isn't anymore. We'll see if it works from now on, thanks!
  11. Hello, I had a crash today. Story to follow, because I can't tell what triggered it. I was flying on the Hoggit Georgia at War server (low script count and FPS impact, it's a nice lightweight server), and flew a SEAD sortie and shot a couple HARMs which hit their target, and I died. I watched from the dead player spectator for a few minutes, then clicked the ESC key to bring up the menu, then clicked Briefing, then clicked Fly. Back in the cockpit, I was navigating through the communications menu to get to the Ground Crew to rearm, but then DCS crashed. Log attached. Thanks! dcs.log.txt
  12. Background: I updated to the latest openbeta version an hour ago. I then ran a Clean and a Repair. I wanted to fly an anti-shipping mission, so I put one together in the editor with one 2-ship target group. However, this plan has not yet come to fruition. Problem: The action of setting the RB-15's to 800002 (Multiple Targets Medium Search Area?) makes DCS instantaneously crash to my desktop. Steps to recreate: Step 1: Start up jet Optional Steps: Go through all non-weaponry startup tasks and take off. I was able to make DCS crash twice, once while en-route in the air, once after engine start-up. Step 2: Turn computer dial to TAKT Step 3: Turn computer to INPUT Step 4: Type in 8 0 0 0 2 Step 5: Click LS/SKU button --> Instant CTD Hopefully this gets fixed soon! Thank you!
  13. I finished flying the second mission again, and got the same message. Here it is. Also, shouldn't it be generating the next mission when I click End Mission, even if I get shot down? I've flown the second mission a couple times now, and the campaign hasn't progressed. https://i.imgur.com/OR8AWlG.png
  14. I installed the Hornet PG DCE today, and flew a couple missions. I get a similar error message after ending each mission. I didn't screenshot nor remember which lua file was making the error, all I remember is that it was Line 132 and that it also said "nil value". Since after the first mission it still generated the second one, maybe it works, though? I'll fly some more missions in it later, but so far I really like it, good job! :)
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