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  1. Nick_17

    AH-64D VR

    1.0 PD in DCS and 100% Resolution in Steam VR I have the same performance in the apache as in the hind, dunno about F-16 / FA-18 tho
  2. You can create a new mission, add a single apache somewhere in that mission, then select the loadout that you want. If you save that mission and open it with winrar or 7z, you'll find a file called "mission" if you open that file with a text editor and search for "AH-64D_BLK_II" and scroll down a bit you'll find it's payload.
  3. Seems like you dont even need to run your own server. Just log in both of your PCs with the same account and you are good to go. Hmm idk, i haven't read anything about that in the license agreement, unless thats already sub licensing? I just had DCS installed on 2 different PCs in my house to be able to switch if one of them is occupied and one day i found out that they can be logged in simultaneously.
  4. If you run your own dedicated server you can actually use a single account to join that server with 2 different Pc's simultaneously. I don't know if that works for every multiplayer server though or if that changed in the recent months. I'll try again today if thats still working. Edit: Jup, still working. Seems to work for every server out there. So you dont need a 2nd acc for your gf.
  5. Ich hatte ein ähnliches Problem, bei mir lag es am RAM bzw. dem XMP Profil des RAMs. Mit aktiviertem XMP Profil kam es zu den Problemen, die du beschrieben hast. Nach dem Deaktivieren lief wieder alles normal. Bei mir lags dann im Endeffekt daran, dass die Spannung zu hoch gesetzt wurde und das beim Nutzen der VR Brille zu Problemen geführt hatte. Ich habe dann alle Werte manuell eingestellt, die auch das XMP Profil gesetzt hätte, und die Spannung etwa auf den Mittelwert zwischen Standardwert und XMP-Wert. Danach hatte ich keine Probleme mehr. Vllt hast du ja ein ähnliches Problem.
  6. Check the video description, these videos are still planned. Planned remaining videos: - Landing - Controls Setup - Defensive Systems - George AI - Cold Start
  7. The S-3B is currently definitely a low poly model and a new 3d model is in development. If you saw a high poly version in Red Kites videos then that might be a mod. Also, some planes have different 3d models with different variants, the F-14 for example:
  8. Went from high to insane, pretty significant difference. Too bad it kills the fps ^^, i could get used to that view
  9. Try to put "world.addEventHandler(EventHandl)" to the bottom of your script, so that the function "onEvent(EventData)" is defined for EventHandl before you add it with that command.
  10. That might be true, but even if you wait for tens of seconds he would not find the target. Had similar situations and the range at which petro is able to find them is a lot shorter at sunrise (which is realistic, but not if the pilot is able to see them without any optics). Haven't tested this at sunset yet, but i would guess its the same. Just did a few tests: (Marianas Map, Anderson AFB, 21.5.16) 08:00 Petro locates target at 7.5 Km 06:00 Petro locates target at 1.6 Km
  11. Yes, one of the buttons at the bottom enables/disables this functionality. Those outlines have been there for a long time really.
  12. You can use every aircraft in every map at every time, this shouldn't be any different with the Eurofighter.
  13. If everything you described was set up in the Mission Editor, then that has nothing to do with CA, afaik. CA is for commanding vehicles in the F10 map while the mission is running or driving them yourself.
  14. Those are the same settings that you posted just without SSAA, a bit of wind (7 knots) and time close to sunrise (6:10 in June).
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