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  1. Between 31th of May 2020 and the 16th of June 2021, more than a year, to finally get the correction in the game : Source: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/ Tested and working, thx for finally corrected the bug I regret we can't access to those files anymore
  2. Here is the link: https://twitter.com/TacviewACMI/status/1370093658054201346
  3. Hello pilots! I made a small plugin for Tacview to make the tool working with the Hercules by Anubis: How to install the plugin for Tacview to make it works with the Hercules by Anubis? - Download the hercules.xml file in attachment - Put the file here: C:\Users\yourAwesomeNickname\AppData\Roaming\Tacview\Data\Database\Default Properties - Download the Meshes.zip file in attachment - Unzip and put the three .obj files here: C:\Users\yourAwesomeNickname\AppData\Roaming\Tacview\Data\Meshes - (Re)Start Tacview and load an acmi file with a Hercule flight Enjoy! Meshes.zip hercules.xml
  4. Hello, small word to say the Android app to export some panels from DCS on a smartphone/tablet is borned again thanks to Margouill: https://margouill.github.io/CockpitPP/ The app is free and open-source, anyone can join and contribute to add other panels (if interested, it's here: https://discord.com/invite/qEZMPm42Z7 ) Enjoy PS: if you have a problem/question, don't PM me, I'm on this project anymore, I just came here to share the info', contact Margouill if needed, with the Discord link
  5. The problem is still here on the version I don't understand, I did something wrong for the team doesn't want to fix it with the solution I gave?
  6. The problem is still here on the version
  7. Hello, Just to say, the problem is still here in the last patch ( : I don't understand, you got time, I gave you solution, how can I find motivation to test/report more if you don't take the solution I'm giving you...
  8. Hi Grimes, Thank for the work, I just tested, and now it works again! I didn't even add: local group = Group.getByName('Al Minhad DEF') trigger.action.deactivateGroup(group) In the mission, I just remplaced mist_4_3_74.lua by the mist_4_4_87.lua from the dev' branch and it's fine Thank you for the fast fix :thumbup:
  9. Big servers need to move on stable, events also I personnaly do bug reporting, and I will continue because I want to contribute and help dev' team to make DCS better, but 95% of people on the OB don't do it and stay on the OB for the reasons I mentionned in my first post. That's why I'm opening this discussion, to see if people are ready to move their squadron and/or server to the stable
  10. In a way, yes, but the tests are also very important on the multiplayer servers, many bugs are possible only in MP. Blade's idea is pretty good, if the OB access is "harder", only motivated people with some knowledges will find it
  11. Hello all, After a deep debate with my friends yesterday about the question: should we move to the stable? I decided to take my keyboard to share with everyone what we think with my friends Why? In every squadrons the question has very probably been debated many times, the bugs are frustrating pilots but when they consider this option of moving, they are stopped by understandable reasons: - there are more servers on the OB - many of the popular servers are on the OB - events are on the OB - new features are teased on OB So when pilots have plans to fly on public MP servers, and/or want to participate to events, they have no choice to use the OB. Debates very often finish here, because every others are on the OB so we follow... That's why I'm here now, if we, most of us, are already thinking about moving their squadron to the stable but being scared to be "alone", then we should do it together and accept to stay on the stable, the other squadrons and most of servers will follow Maybe we could even suggest to ED to keep the communication (trailer and other annoucements) for the stable instead of the OB? It will not block the contributors to fly on the OB to do reporting OB should stay for people who want to contribute to DCS Stable should be the place to fly and do events, be wise and patient, haste leads to disappointment
  12. It would be nice if we can at least change size&position without breaking the IC I keep my finger crossed for this possibility
  13. Hello, First, thank you for the work and this really nice idea :thumbup: I'm facing a problem with the slides, I respected the size of the existing files (1280*720), I saved them as .tga (from photoshop) and I placed them here: But when I start DCS and test it, I've a missing texture on the custom slides: Do you have any idea of what I did wrong please?
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