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  1. Hi Does dcs allow for a two computer setup where one pc is for outside view and the other for the instruments. i.e a master /slave setup like xplane 11 thx Lee
  2. question from new huey pilot Hi I've just started to learn to fly the huey in dcs. I've been flying ga aircraft for years with fsx and p3d. I recently gave dcs world a go and was very intrigued. I'm also new to military aviation and want to learn the ropes. Do you guys accept "trainees" or should I achieve a certain level of proficiency before joining. thx Lee
  3. Hi I'm starting to learn the huey and am wanting to join an active group that offers some training as well as group events. I read about the 229th but they look very advanced. Not sure if they accept beginners. Please advise Thx Lee
  4. So do I get missions elsewhere for the huey or is it just free flight in v2
  5. Hi I just installed version 2 and the huey and noticed no missions or campaigns. I do have the terrain installed. Do I acquire those separately or did I miss something. thx Lee
  6. Hi Is there a keystroke the instantly shuts down uh-1 to cold and dark state when aircraft is already started at beginning of a mission. Thx Lee
  7. Hi Fixed! It was a user authority issue so I ran helios in admin mode and worked great. Can helios and your profile be used with both dcs v1.5 and v2 on same drive thx Lee
  8. thx to both of you. I will try when I get home from work. Lee
  9. Hi I'm sorry to keep at this but I must be missing something. but I believe I am placing the default.lua in correct place but something is not right. Please help thx Lee
  10. Thanks for your reply. Captain Zeen just said to use his latest default.lua file so I will try that regards Lee
  11. Hi Captain Zeen I have installed you uh-1 profile and it appears to be working except that when I change a switch or button on your profile panel the corresponding switch or button does not change in the cockpit. however the reverse works fine so when something is switched or a button pressed in the cockpit the coresponding switch on you profile panel works fine. Please help Thx Lee
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