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  1. Missing large parts of many of the mods included? Speaking specifically of the M2000C mods. The general HUD rework mod by MYSE1234 only has around half of the reworked HUD's included in the pack compared to what is actually included in the standalone mod. In addition to this the "M-2000C HUD huge rework" mod doesn't seem to be included at all? Even though it says so in the included mods, was really excited for that one. Any chance of this being addressed soon?
  2. Yes, they were armed. This also happened in the A-10C
  3. The HUD for the mirage is not included? I checked the aircraft folder under the HUD mods section and there isn't even an M-2000C in there. Did you forget to add it? Also sidenote: There are no sounds for the bombs nor is there explosion effects for them
  4. All my explosion sounds are gone after installing this mod pack. It also appears that the effects themselves are gone too because the only effect showing is a little white puff after a bomb has impacted. Help?
  5. The files in the textures file are the exact same as the standard ones..... it litterally doesnt change anything...
  6. So a quick update here: In the startup tutorial it doesnt register engine start until i close the fuel cutoff after the engine is fully started Its ****ing bullshit
  7. As the title reads... Half of the time it doesnt even register me clicking anything... They are literally broken and there is no touches on how actually to take off, for example everytime i pull up the collective it does half a back flip and i can recover fine but as soon as i move the cyclic a tenth of a centimeter back it does the whole backflip thing again... kind of disappointed in these missions :(
  8. so want i want is for the s4 button (the socndary pinkey switch with the wierd stick on it) is to recognized as a ctrl input as i want it to be a modifier in game so when i hold it down and use the trimmer (on my warthog) im gonna look around and when i just press it with out the trimmer i reset the view can anyone help me with this? please
  9. AH **** ME THEN GOD ****ING DAMN IT........... Did it say it when i used the points to purchase it????????? because i dont think so and if it is so they need to change it NOW!
  10. NO!! nonononono i know that! but on my profile it says "no bonus points" ?!?!?!?!?
  11. So i just bought the F-5e and its great but it said i would be resieving 12 bonus $ and i have yet to resieve them?!?!?!?
  12. No words look at the picture this NEEDS to be on the top of the list of fetures
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