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  1. What do you think about having a recon variant? If HB is working on TARPS there might be some similarities?
  2. Good morning, everyone, My team and I are having a little trouble with one of our mods: We made a texture for our Wellington BH-7 mod and created a relief file but once exported the relief is not visible in game. Does this file need to have a special name or something? Do you have an idea? Thank you very much :). Voodoo. Here are images of the mod with 3DsMax then in game :
  3. With my team we are currently working on several modules. Among others we are working on a Kaiser Class but we want to add navigation and platform lights to the boat. Could someone please explain us how to do this? Does it have to be done with the 3D software or the LUA or both? Thank you in advance :). Some pictures in game :
  4. Morning, everyone. Containment is the occasion for my team and me to start trying to create mods. If we have a good 3D designer we have less talent in LUA scripting. I've been looking for documents to help but I haven't found much on boat and vehicle mods. I still have a lot of questions about the order of the headings in the LUA, the possibilities of functions, etc... We've had help from Suntsag and Dimitriov but we also want to discuss this with the community. To be able to separate my different problems I will write one post per mod and the problems associated with it. So, here is a mod from the Russian AGI Balzam. It is rather simple to code, but it will be useful to understand the coding of a simple weapon: the AK-630. It has indeed a turret at the front. How do you do that? Just copy and paste a piece of code from another ship? Which lines of code are mandatory? I suppose you also have to associate the arming with a sensor? Thank you in advance for the help. Voodoo.
  5. I confirm for me it was also the space in my user name. It's works now. Thank you very mutch for this great free aircraft ;).
  6. Same without my antivirus and multiple reinstall. I have also disable all my mod and a do a repair to try but no change. And I have check the install folder and i have the dll in the Bin folder
  7. Open beta version. Yes i tried and i'm on the external view of an IA plane. :noexpression:
  8. After my install i have the module in my game but only acces on the external view. If i create a mission the slot appear but i can't chose it :/
  9. Bonjour à tous. Petit message pour signaler que nous ré ouvrons le recrutement dans notre escadron sur F-14, la VF-29. Nous cherchons des pilotes et des RIO seul ou déjà en couple ;). Si vous êtes intéressé n'hésitez pas à nous contacter via notre site internet sur lequel vous pourrez trouver le lien vers notre forum, notre charteet notre page de recrutement. A noter que notre escadron sur Viggen, l'AS-21, recrute toujours ;). A bientôt.
  10. Nouveaux escadrons au sein de l'escadrille : - VF-29 sur F-14 Tomcat - VFA-30 sur F-18C Hornet Elles viennent rejoindre les escadrons sur Viggen, MI-8/Gazelle/Huey et agressor. Nous recherchons toujours des Pilotes, RIO, contrôleur aérien sur Lotatc, des joueurs jouant FAC avec Combined Arms. Si vous pilotez des aéronefs qui ne font pas encore partie de nos escadrilles, nous sommes aussi ouvert à la création de nouvelles. Enfin nous n'avons pas de soucis si vous pilotez seulement des modules FC3 (particulièrement le MIG-29 et le SU-25), nous apprécierons un membres investi dans son module, dans la tactique et dans l'utilisation immersive de son aéronefs même si celui-ci n'est pas cliquable. Voici quelques vidéos réalisées sur des missions que nous avons réalisé. Merci à Olivier-Gamming, Wolf et Marcoo pour leur réalisation. Rendez nous visite sur notre site : http://veaw4.fr/ A bientôt en vol :).
  11. Hello Heatblur and fellow pilots :). First of hall i would like to congrats you for your beautiful module. I'm the leader of a little team of Viggen's Pilots. We really love to fly your aicraft and we would like to progress with the utilisation in term of tactics and doctrine. We have a beautifull tool but sometime we don't know how to use it in the best way. It's particulary the case in maritime reconannaissance. We have try to use the SPA mode in multiplayer and it seem's to have still somes little bug (like the red light of the FÄLLD LAST or the spa/sku who seems don't work), and in solo I managed to make it work once but right now I can't do it anymore. While we wait for the final version of the module we would like to know more about the tactic use by the real Viggen's pilots in maritime reconnaissance with the AJS. We don't have a recon pod so how did they identify there targets ? Only by visual means i guess but what happend when they needed to respect a stand of distance ? How were they flying over the area of work ? Low (but you don't see very far) or High (but you can't identify targets) ? Fast or slow ? So if you have any informations about this subject, or if anyone have, i would like very happy to talk about it. I have also another question for Heatblur : In the past there was some informations appeared on the kneeboard after a spa/mal fix or the SPA patrol square area. These features was very useful but it seems to be not here anymore. Is it possible to get them back ? Thanks a lot :).
  12. Merci :). Oui il y a une belle communauté FR sur DCS et de quoi satisfaire tous les types de joueurs je pense ;). Si jamais cela intéresse, nous cherchons aussi des gens capable de tenir le rôle de contrôleur aérien ou de FAC, ainsi que des créateurs de mission :).
  13. Bonjour à tous. Voici un petit message pour vous annoncer la création de la 4th Virtual Expeditonnary Air Wing ou 4th VEAW. Ce groupe, est un rassemblement d'escadrons spécialisés et ayant pour but de mener à bien des missions immersives (environnement tactique complexe, météo variable, jour et nuit, utilisation réaliste des radios, etc…), le tout dans la bonne humeur et la convivialité. Pour le moment l'escadre est composée d'un escadron volant sur AJS-37 Viggen, un escadron "Agressor" (F-5, A4, F-18, MIG-21, MIG-29) un escadron d'hélicoptères (MI-8, UH1H, SA342) et est entrain de préparer l'arrivée d'un escadron sur F-14 Tomcat. Nous recrutons des pilotes ayant déjà une expérience sur DCS et sommes également ouvert à la création de nouveaux escadrons. Si vous êtes intéressé je vous invite à vous rendre sur notre site internet : http://veaw4.fr/, sur lequel vous pourrez trouver le lien vers notre forum, notre charte et notre page de recrutement. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter :). A bientôt en vol.
  14. This kind of missile are not build to destroy ship but to damage or set on fire. It's more straits for a naval force to manage a injured ship beacause you need a lot of boat to help him. See the Sheffield History during the Falklands War. If you want to sink a ship, a torpedo is most suitable =).
  15. Same issue for me :/ Envoyé de mon NEM-L51 en utilisant Tapatalk
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