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  1. It'd be really nice if all triggers could be opened up to the scripting engine such as x: read/set cockpit param. Same goes for x: wait for user response. Thanks!
  2. Hi There, I'm struggling to get certain values for certain animations on the f14 using Unit.getDrawArgumentValue(). I'm getting the animation IDs using the model viewer but I'm experiencing some inconsistencies. Certain IDs like 0 for nose gear work fine. But then others, such as 21 for speedbrake return 0 regardless of animation state. My end goal is to see if I could use the lantirn animation state to calculate (roughly) where the lantirn is pointed, any ideas/tips? Thanks!
  3. As seen in image, F14B wings are overswept by roughly 90 degrees causing it to intersect with fusulage. Doesn't affect F-14A-135-GR or F/A-18 lot 20. Demo mission attached. tested in 2.7.0 Static bug.miz
  4. I've been working on making a F-14 SP/COOP Campaign for a few weeks and I'm looking for voice actors! I'm hoping to submit to campaign to become a official DLC. The campaign will be roughly 10-15 missions long and will be focused around multirole carrier ops and will be quite heavy on dialog, so I'm looking for anyone willing to do some voice acting for this campaign. Most characters will be US Navy so mostly looking for North American voice actors, however due to the international nature of the conflict this campaign is based don't be afraid to contact me if you're not from NA. If you're interested in voice acting or helping me with this campaign in any other way? Feel free to join this discord: https://discord.gg/EWNk4UaptA
  5. Right now Jester calls out unknown units as hostile, so intercepting a neutral civilian aircraft makes Jester a lot more excited (and enthusiastic about commiting warcrimes) than perhaps he should. Would be nice to have callouts that would be more erm.. neutral.
  6. Looking for voice actors for a (paid) F-14 campaign. Looking for mainly US voice actors willing to commit to voice acting for 10-15 missions. Interested in voice acting or helping me with this campaign in any other way? Feel free to join this discord: https://discord.gg/EWNk4UaptA Thanks, Activity
  7. Not doubting your honesty, but do you have a link to the source?
  8. I'm trying to trigger something when a specific unit fires a weapon, in external lua script I'd make a custom event handler for this but I'm wondering if the same could be done in the mission editor. So using a lua predicate that checks event.initiator == something as a condition for a event based trigger (ON SHOT). Does anyone have any idea if this is at all possible?
  9. instead of fireAtPoint requiring a vec2 (thus being limited to ground level) have AAA be able to fire at a vec3 point with a spread, to make flak/AAA cover a area.
  10. I'm trying to make it easier to get player responses using a lua script, but haven't been able to find the "X: Start wait user reponse" function in lua. Does anyone have any idea of how one could achieve this through lua?
  11. Could anyone provide any info as to how to get a list of the available parameters for a aircraft?
  12. Did you ever end up finish the post? Looking into the same problem EDIT: For those who might come across the same issue, check here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/244838-end-mission-trigger-when-landed-and-parked-on-moving-carrier/?tab=comments#comment-4415271
  13. [REPORTED]Clients crashing on dedicated server upon landing Getting a lot of crashes on a dedicated server when clients land on a runway in Persian Gulf, all clients throw the following error before crash: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION. Collected some logs from various users: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SekDHiuV8HY0wJXI7kpXFcprkLaLQ3_a, If need be I can upload a track but it will likely be very very long. Hope it helps tracking it down.
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