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  1. is it correct that when I put a plane on a parking lot then I find it on another? Bassel's parking locations appear to be broken
  2. Is there an explanatory and clear tutorial on how to do this?
  3. Forget it ... ED prefers to put the "Mariana Islands" into play (which is absolutely USELESS) because it is now obvious to everyone that their graphics engine has heavy space limits, we should be content with small rings and sometimes even quite insignificant, it is more than a year ED promise Cyprus for Syria ... "Who will live, will see"
  4. So, to recap ... without the full FC3 package mods like 104 don't work, right?
  5. I did press enter LAT LON during the alignment and tried to put a plane directly into flight (so it is assumed already correctly aligned INS), but the CCRP line keeps pointing at something other than the designated TGP POINT ... I'm confused... Help
  6. I have the modules Fc3 purchased separately, F15, Su27, Su33, Mig29 ... Do I have to have the complete package? i put the folder in, saved games, mod, aircraft
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to install the F104 in the open beta, but I can't get inside the cockpit, even if I select client arero parte as AI. Solutions? Thanks
  8. Perfect! Thanks a lot, with this link it works. I hadn't read that there was a replacement link. Thank you
  9. Hi, I saw that some objects do not appear in game, for example some street lamps that are present in the template "VP-Lighting tower" "VP-Gotb 100m" etc... . What can it depend on?
  10. Just for my curiosity, what performance do you have with 4x msaa or 2x ssaa in MP?
  11. My configuration is this, I was hoping that my 1070Ti would give me some more FPS and instead with the A10c screens turned on (TGP/TAD/MAV) I get 60FPS and even less in 1920 * 1080 ... I no longer know which setting to lower to not make the sim really ugly.
  12. It's nice to see super promotional videos with a lot of post production and then find yourself in game inside a cartoon. There is no setup that supports such a poorly optimized simulator.
  13. Già quando attivo entrambi gli schermi tgp e mav vado a 40fps, con il casco andrò a 10 ...
  14. I also when I use SRS with A10C and I press the communication button, the DCS radio menu window opens. It's not annoying, but I don't understand why this happens. I remember that in the past I didn't even have to activate the buttons in "adjust control", while now they have to be set. Something has changed for the worse... Solution?
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