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  1. solution Make sure your cpg goes to wep page then channel, the. Utility then Laser bottom left took me 4 hours to find that. I’ll be making a video on it here Tomorrow https://youtube.com/channel/UCxaP0BJLVUY55sXaebalW0w
  2. Hello I just tried to use the ajs and this happened. I’ve been flying it for years and don’t know why this happened. https://media.discordapp.net/attachm...12/unknown.png
  3. AJS in 2.0 So will we be able to fly on NTTR with it as well or just the beta? Thx
  4. Hey everyone I have made this video for people who are past the key mapping and start up stage and want to get into combat. This will teach people how to deploy (Gbu-12,10,38, AGM-65D and force correlating AGM-65H, guns Rkt's and Mk-82 airs in CCIP and also some nav tips as well. Please give it a look if you desire to use the A-10 effectively in combat. Vid link https://youtu.be/w9hLr-LkeQg Also if further guidance is wanted you can find me at http://www.16agr.com/forums/ucp.php?mode=register'
  5. Hey Retired Sarge, If you need help with the warthog or any aircraft please come over to www16AGR.com and we can help you get combat proficient. :)
  6. I second windys message. we can help with every aircraft
  7. My Favorite Helios Here are my pics. http://imgur.com/a/7iCvV
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