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  1. Are you using a Standard material? I had problems when using Arnold. Scanline works. Also using an older plugin, from April I think.
  2. Nothing to contribute, interested as well.
  3. Going from memory here, but check your .lua, it is probably 'by normal'. try some of the other positioning. edit: positioning = "ONLYHEIGTH" --available: {"BYNORMAL", "ONLYHEIGTH", "BY_XZ", "ADD_HEIGTH"}
  4. There is a mission file built with the objects placed in the ranges. https://www.476vfightergroup.com/showthread.php?4342-NTTR-map-info-public-release
  5. F-5E-3 and Tiger III are not the same thing.
  6. Try the same mission, looking at Laughlin airport. What do you see?
  7. 3 - NWS button acts as a Press To Talk button (in-flight only).
  8. same as here? https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/229164-edm-exporter-for-blender-28/?do=findComment&comment=4488170
  9. I think clicking or double-clicking the mouse scroll wheel will hide/show the mouse pointer.
  10. What I see is: -1, Section III (3-19,3-20) (...) Flight experience has also shown that it is possible to enter an inverted flat spin mode. (...) If recovery does not occur and inverted spin entry is indicated, if a turn needle is available, determine the direction of spin rotation. Maintain stick position and: 4. Rudder - Full Opposite Direction of Spin (turn needle). (...) If control is not regained from an erect or inverted spin by 10,000 feet AGL (F 10,000 feet AGL solo; 15,000 feet AGL dual) eject. Section VI (6-12) (...) If recovery from the IPH is not accomplished, divergent roll oscillations or an inverted spiral may develop. Ifthe inverted spiral is allowed to progress, an inverted PSG/spin results. And no, I could not re-create the flight departure described in the video.
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