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  1. Hi, how do I get the F-18 pilots who friendly fire me while I try to fly my DCS AV-8B N/A Harrier module, which I paid for and need it for my sick streams, put behind a paywall?
  2. I use this site to get L/L since I'm in a helicopter most of the time. http://www.legallandconverter.com/p50.html Just input the MGRS and it spits out the L/L and even gives you links to google/bing/etc maps if you want it.
  3. But you see visible light and radio waves are both light so they are the same thing! That's why we don't need special devices to detect radio waves! We just use our eyes! It's physics! SAME THING!
  4. 350 is even possible. Do you not own that module?
  5. My point is doing 300+kph in the hip is not a cheat.
  6. Uh, the hip will easily go over 300kph coming down from the mountains. It'll shake a lot and you won't want to do any sudden inputs but it does it just fine in DCS without cheating. Go ahead and get in a hip and try it yourself.
  7. Make sure your trigger is bound to Radio PTT and not Intercom PTT. Then use the trigger to open up the menu.
  8. Since the server keeps rebooting is there any chance you could get the 39 radio freqs set? Channel 1 is 264 and the rest are in the 200s.
  9. You guys are probably changing around the radio freqs but as of right now the L-39 is programmed with bluefor freqs.
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