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  1. did you use the correct radio? and the correct radio frequency?
  2. here we go. Shoul dbe fixed by today's patch
  3. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=209163 first half of july apparently
  4. Did you consider that in manual reversion the trim is reversed? So if you trim right, the plane will trim left. This may be the source of the "oscillation"?
  5. As soon as you hear the instruction you should bank 60° and pull the stick to maintain level flight. Well, pattern work is exact work. Pattern are established to create a controlable environment above an airfield. So it does matter where you fly and at what speed. Keep practicing and it will be even more rewarding when you qualify. After all 3 campaigns don't miss to pass Red Flag, Airman! :pilotfly:
  6. According to me I never do something wrong. :lol: You may upload a short video on youtube or attach the mission track in this thread. There are many good souls in the community who might give it a look to evaluate what is going wrong.
  7. Sierra 99 is right. Also is draika. I would drop a CBU to finish the job at once.
  8. thank you Sir. Well, they're gonna fix it someday like the FLOOD lights.. at least they are efficient in communication. I never saw them spend energy on that
  9. well you may just install the open beta and delete 2.5
  10. Hello Everybody I noticed that during during all missions (at least mission 1-6) I can't see Friendly SADL Networked Members on TAD.I'm wspecially missing my own flight for TA and CAS purposes. There are times wheren I can see them. For example from take-off till WP2. But then they disappear. Occasionally the reappear but then they disappear again. This makes assigning SPI's for coordinated ground strikes impossible. Additionally, when the JTAC says "sending data" no data is sent. I can't WILCO or CNTCO. This may derive from the same problem or from another. Does somebody experience the same obervations? Can ED confirm such a bug, if it's one at all? Fly safe Emuyen
  11. I experienced the same. Maybe ED will someday answer..
  12. 1. "Between 21 June and 5 July, save 50% off on most DCS World titles from our e-Shop!" 2. You'll never know. You may also consider to buy the modules at full price to support development, if you like what they do. 3. See 1.
  13. Instead of playing the missions one by one and hoping that DCS aknowledge your success (doesn't work 100%) play the single missions. You find the single mission by selecting "mission" instead of "campaign" on the main screen. There you just need to browse to the campaign folder and start the missions one by one. It's also much "easier" than editing the log since this does not affect the log at all. Side note: It is a pity that ED has such a bad support of the campaigns. It may be lack of staff. The campaigns are good but also complex too. Baltic Dragon or Maple Flag does a much better work in this regard. Despite of this: keep the good work up
  14. Interesting. I couldn't find any bugs and learning to fly the A10C in this Campaign was big fun.
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