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  1. 28270 Not knowing something is not being stupid. You are clever enough to have noticed this effect with bomb drops, and you were smart enough to ask the question regarding that on this forum. You had a question, asked, and hopefully got an answer. That's being clever. Well done
  2. It could be the speed at which your traveling. If your direction is toward the target, the last bomb dropped has less distance to reach the target.
  3. you could turn off the light bulbs by scrolling to the bottom of the forum page. Once down there look for "Theme" from the drop down list choose "no xmas lights"
  4. "buy modules" ? there's modules? I'm only here for the bulbs. They have arrived, (you may already know) ED, Thank you.
  5. "Dashing through the snow" A smashing we will go
  6. Oh my. Here we go again. Now please stop breaking these intentionally, someone has to pick all that glass up.
  7. AH-64 on pre order. Listen, there is no way I'm going t EDIT 5mins later.... Yep, order is done.
  8. Great news for me, uninstall/reinstall game has fixed my issue. NS 430 is now back in my game. Sad news for jonsky7, its working well in the Su-27T
  9. "be sure the mod is JSGME/OvGME" yes,will do that. Both mod managers seem almost the same. I have gotten used to JSGME so I will just stick with it. Checking the folder path/structure appears to be important. I have been sidetracked with another issue just for now, coming back to this shader thing shortly (I hope)
  10. Thanks for that. However not showing at all let alone activated. At this point in time I must admit to something rather drastic, I 'm in the process of an unin/reinstall of the entire game. About 30mins to go. Very early morning here and not sure if I should mess with it at this hour. I will post as soon as I have a result. Ok, uninstall of game followed by reinstall has resulted with the return of NS 430 unit. I really must hit the hammock, I'm done for the day. (yesterday) Just had to tell of the result. All fixed, back to how it should be. Absolutely no idea how it disappeared, why it went?? But it went, and is now back. Thanks to all. .
  11. Thank you Morpheus although I use JSGME I hope that will work also. Hey thanks for helping with that other thing.
  12. although not to be found in the game itself, there are references to it in the root folder.
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