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  1. Fictional chrome livery I made for myself, turned out nicer than I expected. Thought I'd share it here. And before you say anything, I know its sacrilege to put "Air Force" on an F18. The screenshots I took were low res, so I ran it through an upscaler and it ended up making it look like a paint, which kinda fits that old WW2 look.
  2. I just finished making one after I saw it. Instantly fell in love with it. Instructions on how to install are inside the .rar file: Download If there are any issues/suggestion or any requests, just send me a message. Have fun :)
  3. I made one Here is a link to the livery: Download
  4. If you can find more reference photos, especially the tail and the engine, I'll give it a try and make one
  5. Is there a way to somehow show your wingman on the HSI? Or somehow make the HUD show the wingman's range and bearing through the JTRS?
  6. Does the ADF on the UHF and VHF/FM work on the A-10C? Some forums say they work and others say they don't work.
  7. If I got a fuel leak in one of the fuel tanks, what should I do? If, for example, the left wing tank has a visible leak, should I turn off all the other boost pumps except the one leaking to use the fuel up instead of letting it all leak out? If there is fuel leak on one of the tanks, is there any way to isolate it? Will it suck fuel from other tanks and leak them?
  8. Yeah sorry, should've read the date first.
  9. Here it is, it's my first ever skin for DCS. Drop the file into steam/steamapps/common/dcsworld/bazar/liveries/a-10c YA-10 11369 - Finished.rar
  10. I'll give it a try, but don't expect a high-quality work
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