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  1. I think smaller Smokes would do the trick just fine :)
  2. Hi, here are my 2 cents. 1. Maybe make groundkills score more points, so that RED has a way of countering the better AA capabilities BLUE has. 2. Set up freuquenzies and flights before we are actually in briefing because a) its more faster that way and b) it incourages teamplay more if you know that you have a flight lead which is on comms with the other leads etc. other than that, it was good fun and I hope to make it on the next occasion - OnlyBone
  3. sheesh, just take the second link and you should be good to go https://updates.digitalcombatsimulator.com
  4. To be fair, they released an early version of the Manual before the Aircraft was out..
  5. The upper one (TEST) is just the lable, which is below the autopilot test button. The lower one (CAS) is (I think) for setting the gun in A/G mode, but im not sure on that (havent flown in a while).
  6. Do you have IFF on? And even if you have, it stays on only temporary, so be sure to press it before you fire.
  7. Hans_Dampf


    Hi, I have tried to find some info about the cornerspeed of the M2K, but without results. Does anybody here know this?
  8. So you could potentially fly without any water if the conditions allow it? I mean, you could leave some nice weight behind if you dont take that water with you..
  9. I love you! But next time maybe show the text a little longer, I cant read that fast :cry:
  10. :doh: Just because the Huey has some flaws too, it does not justify the flaws of another module...
  11. Looks like measurement to me.
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