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  1. Спасибо! Является ли новый современный ландшафт в северном полушарии?
  2. 100% single player. Learning to fly Su-25 at my own pace and style. Flight theory study takes time as well, so I don't have time to goof around in the MP. Plus I always think I would be the only girl in the MP!
  3. S3 танкер AI и физика корзины Привет команда. Вы делаете модель танкера S3 и физику корзины в этом году? Спасибо
  4. Yep, same here. BTW, there was a post some time ago that had a linked MP vs. SP voting ... SP was winning amongst those who voted and also in the post it was sad that ED numbers showed majority of SP recepients.
  5. Hi. I would like to know how detailed the damage model of Hornet is or will be please?
  6. Well done Wags! I really enjoyed the show. Iranian side looks much more interesting to me and the Persian Gulf map as a whole looks far more better than NTTR even.
  7. I am sorry, I don't allow. How is this Avia-TS connected to DCS now ? They are suppliers of professional grade simulators for Mi8/17.
  8. Hi. This is similar to my thinking and post about stationary SAM sites. It seems though we will be getting map that is close match geographically speaking but rather not detailed enough to include military infrastructure installations other than selected airbases. I sure hope that we will get at least some static objects / units for ME that will match both Iran and UAE real life counterparts to a degree of interesting battlefield simulation that DCS World aspires to be.
  9. That was my point I guess I know what to expect -- next live stream from Wags.
  10. An image is worth thousand words ... Something like that:
  11. Hi. Thanks. I know all that. You kind of missing the point here...
  12. No. I would rather support better / improved textures and details on the current terrains.
  13. Well ME is good enough as long as there are assets specific to terrain / country. Besides placing SAM battery on a flat texture and without masking doesn't add to simulation at all. Think about stationary positions with revets, bunkers or simply terrain elevation modified by and for the purpose of military. Iran is pretty straight forward with its fortifications...
  14. Hi. I wonder if stationary air defences such as SAM site in the vicinity of Havadarya afb will be included ?
  15. This doesn't work for me in 2.5. Just wanted to do a refresh of General Purpose Bombs lesson. Doesn't matter if I wait for the speach to finish or not.
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