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  1. Why arent my JSGME mods working? Just reinstalled DCS after months
  2. Why is it that in TWS, we can receive target altitude and velocity vectors, even without soft locking the target, whereas this is not the case with RWS?
  3. DUDE. Awesome auto-updater! :thumbup:
  4. What model of duck is this? :thumbup:
  5. No, are f16 rwr sounds currently the same as the f18 for placeholder?
  6. [FIXED INTERNALLY] No RWR sound why am i getting zero rwr sounds? RWR, JMR, MWS switches up, RWR on and functioning, threat volume knob to the max but still no rwr sounds
  7. Never mind, for some reason all this time I've been extracting the files then running the installer already in my srs folder, instead of the new one. Thanks!
  8. So I don't replace the files in the srs folder with the zip files? Sometimes when I hit install/ update SRS, my SRS stops working
  9. When I extract a new srs update into my existing srs folder, and i launch the installer, what path should go under "Step 1: Pick Install Location"? Should I put the path of the existing SRS folder?
  10. has there been a change in the control of countermeasures? can the pilot not deploy flares anymore?
  11. Hook something, anything, on the TAD and select "BULL to CURS" on the left side of the TAD. If you want the MH and dist from anywhere else to your cursor, then you must select "HOOK to CURS"
  12. Do you know if this is all implemented though? Ok thanks
  13. Does the HELO mode work for the AIM-7s? Does it change anything in terms of missile trajectory? Also to what extent does changing the target size between SML, MED, and LRG change the missile behavior? Or is all this unimplemented?
  14. Fixed :thumbup: "occupy pilot seat" must be bound from the rio controls and vice versa
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