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  1. Thanks for helping. Do you have the TDC Action / No Action enabled from the Options? It's something I don't have. The rest I think we do the same. I will keep trying. Thanks again
  2. I have also been able to shoot the maverick directly, but going from the targets detected by the TPOD to being blocked by the mav, I have not succeeded
  3. Given that there have been changes from 2.7, I ask you what changes have been with respect to the previous procedure: Once a target is locked. 1. TDC Fwd (IRMV) is pressed 2. Press cage / uncage 3. Press TDC Down (repeatedly, until you lock) It currently did the above, but failed to get the Mav to lock Help is appreciated. Greetings
  4. Thanks a lot. It seemed like common sense, but I preferred to consult. Greetings
  5. Hello. NVG implementation is great, congratulations! Is it necessary to delete the previous files, before installing the latest version? Greetings
  6. The enthusiasm for the mod made me forget to thank and congratulate them, it is a great plane! Greetings from Chile (the A-29 is in the inventory of our air force)
  7. That happens to me too. I can't get the CCIP mode to work. I follow the following procedure: 1. Master arm: on 2. Mass: Live 3. I go to the SMS page 4. I set the A / G mode. 5. I turn on the barometric mode 6. On the SMS page, I give CCIP 7. Then I go to the bomb to use 8. Again CCIP... 9 ..... AND NOTHING Greetings
  8. Well, with 360 Total Security they can't find the exclusions, And I looked for several alternatives. I finally uninstalled it. I'll try BitDefender to see how it goes Likewise, if you come to Valparaíso before, haremos Salud! acá. Saludos a Paris
  9. Dear Flappie, you are the best !!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Problem solved. One last help ... uninstall the antivirus for now, but if it gave problems, what do you advise me? I reinstall it or am I looking for another? Now I only have to install the A-10CII module ...donde te envío las cervezas?;)
  10. Thanks for your time Flappie:):):) , indeed I have not managed to update from that version, but stubborn no nos quedaremos!!:thumbup: I will proceed as you indicate and lower all the defenses of this small corner of the world to update .... DCS World, by the way. Starting tomorrow I'll be trying, because I have to work in the boring real world :doh:. Un abrazo :thumbup:
  11. Here is the report of not being able to download the A-10CII .SALUDOS autoupdate_log.desconoce A-10CII.txt
  12. Hi again! Sigo intentandolo :smilewink: I am attaching the latest update report. F-16, F-14, and map of Syria are still out. Nor can I unload the A-10CII- I currently have the A-4E and L-61 mods installed, and some liveries from my country, for the F-16 and F-5E, should I remove them? Thank you again, y saludos desde Chile, cornisa sobre el Océano Pacífico. autoupdate_log.04.10.2020.txt
  13. Hello Flappie (Hola, hablas español?) I have tried the last suggestion. Until then, the modules F / A-18, AV-8, F-16, AJ-37, F-14, SUPERCARRIER, and the maps of the Persian Gulf and Syria were disabled (although everything is installed on the Modules page). I couldn't download the A-10CII module either. I'm not sure if I managed to exclude the antivirus (360 Total Security), but I completely deleted the dowloads folder. Now the modules of the F7A-18, AV-8, AJ-37 and the map of the Gulf are back. Erratic behavior is very strange. And that I leave out the modules, but DCS I managed to open the basics (and from now on the modules that I already mentioned). Thanks for the help so far, I'll keep trying. Saludos!
  14. Hi Flappie Thanks for the help. I tried, but it didn't work. Keep pointing out that there are files with access denied. I have deleted them, but it remains the same. DCS opened, but it leaves me without the AV-8, F-16 modules; F / A-18 and F-14. It's maddening :cry::cry: Regards Maybe you should uninstall openbeta and try a clean version
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