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  1. Yes, I also would like to know because I went Cubesim also and am in the middle of a pit build. Can't wait to be up and running again!
  2. That would be my dream map too, Solomons. Black Sheep out of Munda and Velle LaVella. Attacks on Kolombangara. Deep strikes into Bougainville...... I also think New Guinea with Rabaul to the east would be a great map too. Lots of stuff around Goodenough Is, over the Owen Stanleys, big base at Lae. Please please!!!
  3. Where are you getting that info? Voodoo has been crushing it since I went in 2015 and saw Strega take the Unlim Gold, Rare Bear #2. Strega won in 2017, Voodoo the next three years. I understand that Dreadnaught won the next three, but Voodoo has not competed. You are technically correct, although I would say three championships is hardly reigning (Strega and Rare Bear each have won twice that many), however I want you to remember the next time you say that a Sea Fury is the champ that Voodoo averages about 60kts faster per lap x 6 laps......quite a disparaging difference. When I went in 2015 the Sea Fury airplanes in the fireld WERE impressive, it was incredible to see how a late war design could crush a stock Mustang, but it is not a plane that can beat an unlimited top dog. Sorry.
  4. I fly casual with Hawk, he's got some good missions and it's commitment free, late at night fun. So far there are only three of us flying regular, come hang out!
  5. Fingers crossed for at least a 53!! Thank you for the responses everyone and especially Cobra. You guys rock over there at HB!! So happy it is you guys doing the module. I would have trusted BST to do at least as good a job as their Sabre, but the Viggen and Tomcat have both been homeruns and groundbreakers. Can't wait to see this module!!
  6. I hate to be this guy, buuuut...... Do we know which late E we are getting? Block 53??? (fingers crossed)
  7. Ah, ok thank you! And also thanks for the update on the guide! You're work to the community is invaluable!
  8. I think because we're nostalgic about the first one. It wasn't terrible. Hollywood, sure; I read a quote by an actual Top Gun instructor and he says basically that anyone who acted with that kind of animosity would have been sent home because it's not in the spirit of the school to act like a child. Kelly McGillis is almost cringe worthy when I watch it now, but the story line wasn't awful and yeah the cinematography was amazing. For certain the Goose's kid thing is crap. A Captain / O-6 who's been in the Navy for close to 40 years in a flying capacity is <profanity>. Also, I know O-6's make quite a bit of money, but not maintain your own P-51 money lol. Oh, and dragging out a Tomcat for the final scenes? Silly. How long would it actually take for a mothballed Tomcat to.....oh yeah, they broke the main spars in each and every one of them so none would ever fly again didn't they? I'll watch it because it has planes. That's it.
  9. Not trying to resurrect, but did anyone else notice the date on the latest update? Sept 2022? Chuck, how. Do. You. Do. It. Thanks for the hard work! ~Rob
  10. I'm a little late seeing this whole set up. Does anyone know what, if anything, has been changed on these? I reached out to the manufacturer and was quoted starting at $1200. Seems like a lot but I'm also not afraid of spending money on my DCS habit. That said, I don't want to pay real money for something that will break on me in three or four years. Call me spoiled, but the CH gear that my newer controllers are replacing were all purchased in 2009, and all three of them work just fine still. Replacements HAVE TO last me at least that long. Again, not purposely trying to resurrect a dead thread, just been away for a year and wanted any info before I throw money away! ~Rob
  11. You'd have an emergency alright....it would need new landing gear and probably a session or two on an alignment jig.
  12. I sincerely wish that there was a template for the Jug. ~Rob
  13. Warlord, will you be sharing your template with the community since ED hasn't gotten one to us yet?
  14. Yeah, and oh is that their thing? There are no flying examples of a Dora or A8 with correct engines, nor is there a K that I am aware of. I say that with having not really been up on my crap for about 7 years, but as of when I was really following things this was correct. a Dora had been started for test running an engine but was not going to be flying, and Paul Allen had the only A8 with a correct engine and he also benched it some years back (2015?), so is there another one that ED used? If that is their measure then ED is already making claims for stuff that they are going against themselves, and that doesn't seem likely.
  15. I guess I don't understand their rationale, but it's their game I suppose :-(
  16. Great community! Flight instruction / Rosetta Stone?
  17. Love this type of mod post lol...... "Here's my shit. Wanna try it? I like it" It's perfect! ~Rob
  18. This isn't sarcasm, it's called a play on words and generally speaking they are humorous like the example I provided above for you. I really was trying to help you out.
  19. Yep, TLAR method works every time!
  20. LOL C'mon......have you looked into the BuDs? I mean, you can't spell "buddies" without BuDs"!! Send me a PM and I will put you in touch with the Discord channel admins, unless you wanna weigh in here GT?
  21. Agreed. It'd be a nice "tide me over" until a SLUF module is available.
  22. Having a blast on this server!! 355th_Gunfighter and Boddman (BuDs member) headed out for some mud moving Got jumped by MiGs, had to go to defend ourselves. I damaged one....... Lucky Casey!! More ground pound, flying wing on another BuDs member, Skyraider, on our way to hit a comms tower tower Full loadout - Two bombs, 8 rockets, half a pack of smoke and a bad attitude!!
  23. I mean, it would have been different if they would have had a jillion Corsairs to choose from for flight sequences. Cut them some slack!
  24. I'm in no hurry. If I recall the Tomcat's first sneaker pics were back in 2015, maybe 2016? I don't quite remember, but I do recall I saw the for the firs time right after I got the Sabre and the Huey so I wanna say summer of '15. I waited and watched and the module was stunning right out of the box. Shoot, if their product matches HB's as far as minimal bugs / maximum fun and accuracy then give them 4 years like we gave the Tomcat!
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