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  1. In conclusion its all about what connections or influence there might be with Russian officials to get whats necessary to make a full fidelity simulation of anything even if its just missiles.
  2. I think there would be higher probabilities if the aircraft was even older, in the mid size range and less complex. Something like the English Electric Canberra might have more sway given how it was used by Argentina in the Falklans war. Or even an F-111
  3. I would like a nice balanced opposition in DCS just like everyone else. But I am also well aware of the limitations that come with a full fidelity simulator where the required licenses and data play a big factor in the development of new modules. So the best realistic option to lawfully change the situation would be to focus on older aircraft which are typically are unclassified or the aircraft origin. Just the other day there was post asking for more UK aircraft. That reminded me that the UK has produced several aircraft like the Hawker Hunter that were used by several middle eastern air forces. Which would make great redfore aircraft alternatives. Alternatives like that may very well have to be the next best thing. Anyone else have some other alternative redfore suggestions that are not Russian or Chinese built?
  4. While it has been true that the DCS community has been wanting more WW2 and 4th gen aircraft. I have also being seeing the desire for more redfore aircraft to have more realistic balanced scenarios. But because of the lack of accessible documentation and legal reasons it has not been feasible to make more newer contemporary redfore aircraft. Which leads us into the next best thing which would be older cold war options. Some of the older British jets would fit in nicely as redfore aircraft since they were used by several middle eastern countries like the Hawker Hunter.
  5. Thanks for bringing up this important point that is often not mentioned because a lot of people are not fully aware of all that is required to bring a full fidelity module to fruition. I will also add that most of the modules that have been developed have been because all of the stars have lined up for it to get the green light. Rather than how popular it would be.
  6. While I agree that one would eventually memorize the process of their favorite aircraft that they have flown the most. Having a check list would actually be very helpful to have for the other aircraft that are rarely flown. Everyone has those aircraft that they own that they don't fly as often. I would probably fly them a little more often with a ready to go checklist as I would not have to take the time to look up everything again.
  7. It's interesting how some of the worst movies to some are the ones that inspired many for generations. Not only that but it actually altered history for some as the Navy saw the highest enlistment for years after Top Gun was released. Here are just a few comments I had run across for the Top Gun Maverick trailer. "Brilliant film…was worth the wait, for me bought back a lot of memories when I was kid wondering where I’ll go in life, saw Top Gun in the 80s and said I want to be a pilot when I grow up, managed to fly commercial, inspiration finds you in strange ways…" "My dad introduced me to Topgun movie when I was a kid. Watched it with him. He explained movie parts that I didn't understand. My dad served in the military. Now he is no more. Hearing this old BGM brings back memories of my Dad, my childhood. Emotions run high in my mind. I wish if he was alive and could sit beside me to watch the upcoming part together.... Eagerly waiting for the movie. Its quite nostalgic to me." "I’m about to retire after 25 years of being a “Goose”. Sad to let go of my dream but this movie will be a nice send off and I’ll leave grateful that the dream was fulfilled." "I can't begin to express how meaningful this movie was to me as a child. Having it come back now brings me back to the 80s, a simpler time when I had less troubles and spent my time in the movie theatres, watching 2-3 movies at a time in one go. Step out of one theatre, enter the next, only pay once." "When the first Top Gun came out, I was an immigrant living in America. The first Top Gun made me want to be an American. Movies like Top Gun, G.I jane and shows like JAG made me want to join the military. Years have gone by, life has happened, my dreams changed. Now I am a proud American, and watching this trailer has brought back those dreams again." "My fav movie . Watched the first part way back in college in 97.. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force. Not sure why, but it made me change my mind and I joined the IN in 2002. Have retired but the soldier in me refuses to die.. A big shout out to all the Men in Uniform.. Miss my good old days ." "YES!!! I watched this movie everyday as a teen!!!!" "My dad was a huge fan of top gun and let me watch this as a kid and it became my favourite film ever! Sadly he passed away last year and we never got to see the sequel he so longed to see because of all the covid delays I’ll be seeing this for you in May Dad !" " Remember seeing the OG in theaters when it came out in 1986...I was 16 and already a big TC fan. I remember at the people cheering at the end of the movie and an overwhelming sense of patriotism!!! This is what we need at the this very moment!! I can't wait to see it and hoping for the same response!!! Long live Mother Goose!!"
  8. I think an D variant based on the current legacy hornet could totally be feasible if there is enough demand for it. That is the best realistic option possible.
  9. If you were to follow RAZBAN's Facbook page or as stated their developer section on these forums you would be more up to date. But I will throw you bone that I had read a while ago on their Facebook page by A RAZMAB representative. He had made this comment regarding their current timeline. "The AMX, EE Lightning and Sea Harrier can be expected after the F-15, Mig23 and Super Tucano.
  10. I think that there might be more interest in the F-105 once a Vietnam map finally comes and becomes popular enough. Other than the F-4 Phantom the Thud has been one of the top requested aircraft from that era that I have seen. It would defiantly be interesting to see how it was to operate a thud in sorties. Until then there is at least a decent F-105 Mod available.
  11. What is your current PSU rated at? It could be that your PSU does not out put the needed power. A quick search found that an RTX 3050 needs at a minimum 550W PSU.
  12. Even with a global map high detailed maps will continue to be needed to add detail to areas where conflicts have occurred. One of MS2020 major flaws is that it lacks detail at low altitudes. Which is okay for a GA sim where detailed maps are so far implemented only in major city destinations to make the arrivals and departures more realistic. But in a combat sim like DCS whole detailed regions are needed to make combat missions realistic. Especially now with the availability of more helicopters that mostly operate at low altitudes. And like you mentioned a Baltic map is one of those maps that is often requested that will need to be done sometime in the future. So why hold off progress of detailed maps that will still be needed anyways. It would be nice to have as many more detailed maps as possible by the time the global map is implemented to make the experience that much better for everyone.
  13. Although the Wildcat was very historic at the beginning of the Pacific war it was severely out performed by the Zero. I would like to see it eventfully come to DCS but not before the Hellcat because the Zero would dominate until the Hellcat arrives.
  14. Hope fully those chases become heated enough for one of the pilots that also flies DCS to invite the other pilot for a more realistic battle on DCS once all these aircraft become available in DCS. I for one would be tolling MSFS in a Hellcat looking for a chase that can endup being decided in DCS. lol
  15. Evoman

    F6F Hellcat

    The hellcat became my favorite warbird overtime playing WT because of its flight dynamics, load-out and resilience. So much so that I even own an RC aircraft of it. Whenever it comes to DCS it will defiantly be an instant pre-order for me. Here is a great episode of dogfight that features the Hellcat and the Zero.
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