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  1. no im not using any modifier in fact i tried setting keybind on the keyboard
  2. i cant go back to pilot seat after selecting rio. tried new key binds and still not working
  3. im having difficult understanding ptt on voice attack
  4. im just having issues releasing the program it release all chaff and flares
  5. any chance for the mirage 2000 tkz
  6. i land with aoa around 14 not exact and speed around 160
  7. make sure u have radar alt meter on when using approach mode it can almost touch the runway when i use it
  8. hi my f10 map not working. i know my f10 keyboard is working. also i tried in 2.0 and it work. in 1.5 when i press f10 to see the map nothing happed?
  9. hey f10 for the map is not working. i know for fact f10 on the keyboard works. is the a bug?. i tried restart and dcs repair
  10. hey guys my f10 option is not working in dcs. i know for fact f10 on my keyborad is working. but in the game f10 for map is not working at all
  11. Just wanted to say oc is an amazing server. I play almost every day. Acutally the only server i play
  12. How do i active my mig 21 key. Not working after update
  13. I did the updatr now mig 21 module key not active
  14. Snowblizz


    Hey when i play open conflict with the mirage. When it gets to the night. When i look the the right it gets so dark, is like im almost blackout. But when i look to tge right is normal. Does any1 have this problem
  15. Hi all. Just install tackview im not getting recorded online and single player. There is a setup i need to know
  16. Im having issue with external fuel tanks. After using cl. Fuel tank when i flip to pylons say it empty. F5
  17. Hey guys just want to know what is ur chaff flare program preset on tge f5 tiger. I want to tried the program preset
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