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  1. : All the videos are looking old, maybe it's from a old software version.
  2. Hi every one, I saw in a lot of photos and videos of F-16 HUD's showing the airspeed in dozens (?) like: 150 as 15. Is this something that I can toggle or specific of one Block/Model? Thanks!
  3. I'm too analog, I would love to have a nice 400-500 pages hardcover DCS-Viper manual like the old Falcon 4.0 one.
  4. -Zero-


    Nice Avatar! i grew up watching Iron Eagle, since i was kid im in love for the Viper. It was my firsts Revell Kit. Back in the late 90's i spent lots and lots of hours playing F-16 Multirole Fighter, and now i'm counting hours to come back to Viper's pit.
  5. Ho Ho Ho dat "Ghost" livery to
  6. Me-262, ME-163, Ho-299, Fw190 Mistel and the list goes on, this designs looks very unique and crazy (Mistel, i'm looking to you) to me. In general they where much more daring than other nations IMHO, but off course in war times every one will assimilate best tech from captured enemy units.
  7. Hey guys what's the optmal altitude for a Fw-190 A-8? I've readed here that she is a Low-to-middle altitude bird, how much its a middle altitude? 2k?
  8. is it possible to lock/look targets in the MFD without a target pod?
  9. Yak -38 have my vote. I have an huge fall for Vtol fixed wing Airplanes
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