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  1. Hmm, seems that it doesn't do this when you go into instant action on the Channel map, but it does do it when you use the mission editor?
  2. I understand if you go to full throttle at touch down, you will a very positive climb rate off the end in the landing config. What I don't understand is why I can leave the throttle at 85 to 90 percent as I roll down the deck and then get a very positive floaty climb rate off the end. Also, at full throttle you should be able to get the jet to leave the deck before the end, but the ground effect won't let you. Its just weird.
  3. Is anything ever going to be done about this?
  4. Yeah, its so stupid, that bolter procedures are reduce throttle and stick forward.
  5. Just came back to this after a while away. On bolters and touch and go's, the hornet still balloons off the end of the angled deck? I just left the stick alone and left the throttle at like 88 percent, and it just flies up and away. You almost have to go stick forward to keep it from climbing too quickly. If i'm flying on speed AOA at approx 135 knots, and then bolter but dont go to full power, the jet should just fly into the water. This is still a problem after 3 years?
  6. Can someone in ED staff respond if this is even a possibility for the future?
  7. Are we still on track to get pilot bodies in the cockpit soon? It feels so empty in VR.
  8. Im a little confused guys, does the check box for Close the modification in the simapp setting not fix it?
  9. Hi, would love to get a template of the carrier deck so I could play around and add more tire marks and wear/tear on the deck. Also, change the general shade of the deck and remove some of the sun bleaching. Any chance we will get one?
  10. I'm just using paint.net. I can open up the dds files and, even though not the best way, I just made changes over the top of the file and resaved. It saved fine, but doesn't show up in game, so I'm obviously missing something. I do wish there was a template with the layers so i could take a look. I guess I should put a template request in the wish list section.
  11. Hey guys, I found it's simple to go into the nimitz texture files and change the shade of the deck_base.dds color, but I can't figure out how to open a file to add more tire marks and other weathering effects to specific parts of the deck. I thought the deck_LOD_3_base.dds might be the one but that doesn't work. Any ideas?
  12. Hey guys, any idea how to add a desert flight suit to the pilot for my skin? This is not for the in-cockpit pilot, but as part of the external skin when looking from the outside. I assume add a dds file to the skin (because otherwise it uses the default green suit) and then add a line to the description in some way?
  13. nicka117

    Navy Pilot?

    Any ideas when we might get an accurate Navy Pilot with appropriate flight gear in the cockpit?...and preferably with a desert flight suit?
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