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  1. This mission is amazing! I'm having a lot of fun with friends and the FPS are really really good That was my only big complain tbh, Caucasus mission feels way too cramped. Take off and most of the modern weapons are already in range. Not sure if it's possible but is there a way to tell the drone to prioritize SAMs(possibly not the launchers) over Infantry / Tanks? It's kinda tedious to cycle every single BTR / AK guy / launcher to find the last Igla / SA-9. Also, I guess I can just do that locally, change the drone from the MQ-1 to the MQ-9, because eyecandy. Other than that it's a really quick and fun mission to play! Thank you a lot!
  2. 68ft Stennis while the supercarrier is at 72ft
  3. Default bind for that is RCtrl+Num(+) I think. If you press that you'll get the camera of the missile launching/bullet firing.
  4. MiG-29As don't get activated in the Search And Destroy mission
  5. Client Track Attached SAM Restrictions-20200422-191828.trk
  6. Cilent side track SAM Restrictions-20200422-184416.trk
  7. The server is frozen. :( It's stuck at 1:46:36 time
  8. It also crashes using the icon, it's not specific to the RAlt + J or Icon.
  9. Log and track from 2nd test Attack on Orbelyanovka-20200309-182233.trk dcs.txt
  10. Server is frozen at 2:30:40 on the phone booth mission. I can join in but doesn't load.
  11. I think the problem is on the vehicles which require an animation to reload the ATGM (BMP-2s, M2 Bradleys, etc) while I don't think is an issue with vehicles such as the T-72 which have no animation and only an internal reload. Client track file attached. Attack on Orbelyanovka-20200301-224753.trk
  12. Aw, kinda like the new light/reflections in the game. Guess we'll wait for monday. Are you trying to make a Six days war kind of mission? I haven't seen the SAMs at red airbases but SA-2 would be nice to keep Mirages down. Did you also remove the IR sensors to the mirage? Definitively not fitting the timeline. Curious to try this out!
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