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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone know the packet format that the DCS-BIOS lua scripts send over UDP? I have custom PC software that will be sending/receiving between DCS-BIOS and a serial connected hub. This is because I'm going to send either key commands or DCS BIOS commands depending on what sim is running. I can't use DCS-BIOS on the hub itself, as it sends/receives over Xbee to other hubs, and then over I2C to the actual switch/dial controls, so I can't simply create connections using the arduino. I have a serial protocol ring buffer for the USB port and Xbee, and then a wrapper over I2C that works perfectly when sending control changes to DCS-BIOS. It even buffer control changes to DCS and keeps track of what changes are made when DCS is paused. I want to be able to set LED states on the Arduino connected modules (Like landing gear light transitions). but I'm not sure what I should be looking for in the packets I'm receiving from DCS-BIOS. Any idea where in the .lua scripts that LED state change packets are defined? byte length, start and end characters, separators, etc? I assume it's binary and not unicode? Thanks, Chris
  2. Stupid question, but my google fu is failing me- What is the button on the top of the A-10 Landing Gear knob for? Does it lock the landing gear so it doesn't move accidentally move?
  3. BTW, after spending the last week or so buried in code I can definitely say this works: DcsBios::tryToSendDcsBiosMessage("UHF_TEST", "1"); And if you just want to open a UDP port directly to DCS BIOS, you just send "UHF_TEST 1" and a line feed character- no carriage return line feed.
  4. That's it, just a checkbox so that I can see my hand positions in VR, but they won't accidentally move anything in the cockpit. The reason is I'm getting a cockpit to the scale of the DCS cockpit, and if I align it correctly everything will be in the same position. In that case, I will be able to see if I'm touching the correct switch/dial. I think this solution will be the next evolution of cockpits for VR users, as overall it will be much less expensive as you don't need displays.
  5. Ugh, well that stinks. Can you still set them up in the cockpit? I think the manual says to dial the station manually, dial the preset, press load, and then later to load it switch to pre, tune the preset dial and press load?
  6. It's metal. Probably CNC machined steel. The TM HOTAS stick is cast. I don't know what kind of metal it is, but probably cheap- which is fine, I'm sure a real warthog stick costs thousands. Real aircraft pedals are machined steel as well. I love my TM pendular pedals, but I've seen stories of people easily breaking them. The motion is very realistic, although real aircraft have more travel and damping. I'm going to add the motorcycle steering damper mod when I can, but the brakes need some love too- I'll have to figure something out.
  7. I see several videos talking about a tab in the mission editor to set the presets. However, in mu new/newest stable build, I don't see that tab. I see a box "Radio" that is checked and set to 251 AM, but no way to set the other presets. Being a real PPL, I enjoy handling radios, and settings presets seems like a great idea, but I can't find a way to do it. I haven't played any campaigns really, so I'm not sure if you can. Some videos mention it being bugged. Is this why the tab is not there? I'd love to have presets for different comms.
  8. I am very confused by this. On Github shows that yes v0.10.0 is the newest version, released in Nov 2019, and v0.71 was released in Nov 2017. Should I be looking somewhere other than Github? Yes, that is what I was looking for. Thanks!
  9. So I have hardware that works with DCS-BIOS v0.7.1. It seems to just output the new position of the hardware anytime something changes. The serial monitor, and SOCAT window would just show "GEAR_LEVER 0" or "GEAR_LEVER 1" for example, but it doesn't work with v0.10.0 It's very laggy, and has a tendency to stop working in the middle of a mission, which might be because of the older version. I'd like to update it to work with v0.10.0, and have the source code. I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for. There doesn't seem to be a DCS-BIOS generic "Set" function, but maybe I'm missing it- that would just take the switch/dial & position and set it: that would probably be the easiest fix. I can't use the built in functions that map inputs to pins as they aren't connected to the Arduino that is connected to DCS-BIOS It's just a receiver, and the actual Arduino's are connected all wirelessly to the receiver. BTW, I can connect another Arduino, load up a basic sketch and it works just fine- I hooked up a switch to pin 11 and drove my wife crazy with the signal test on the A-10C, so I know v0.10.0 is working
  10. Yes, I do. I'll turn that off and try it manually.
  11. Hi, I just got my Jetseat and I love it. However, I'm experiencing an odd issue. Let me explain and then I'll list the exception and the log: When I first boot up my computer, the tray icon shows up, and the balloon pops up. However, upon launching DCS, OR right-clicking the tray icon and selecting "Start SimShaker for Aviators" in crashes with "The system cannot find the file specified". Now the odd part: After it crashes, and I hit quit- I can run it again, either in DCS or Right-Click, and it works. Saved Settings and everything. I am guessing you wrote this in Visual Studio. Is there any chance you would give me the source so I could catch the exception on my local computer? I wouldn't want to make any changes, I'll just report to you what I find. Here is the my export.lua (even after I hit repair it does not work, and takes out the DCS-BIOS line because it doesn't recognize it?). All of this works on the second and subsequent launches, so I don't think it's a problem here. Here is the Exception: And here is the logfile:
  12. How do I get these to work? I put them in the tech folder. Its says "authorization failed". And then they don't show up in the mission editor?
  13. Anyone tried these? Did they finish the implementation? I try to keep up with the notes, but miss some. Are they now 6DOF?
  14. Ok, So I got it to work. I think the bombs weren't showing "RDY". Why does this happen? Are they not using the same alignment data as the INS? Is there a different process I need to be aware of?
  15. Hi, I have done the startup and precision munitions tutorials dozens of times. Everything seems correct, but when I press and hold the pickle button when "MAN REL" is on the HUD nothing happens. **I have a trk file but the website says it's too big. It's 11 megs. What should I do? I tried .zip it and that barely shrank it.
  16. "you can find single player missions by going to the " missions " on the right of the main menu ( not instant action )" I have it installed, it's active, and made it my wallpaper. When I click on missions-> F18- I have no new missions listeed relating to the supercarrier. Just the old ones.
  17. Hi, I am getting the following error and have no idea why or how to fix it: Command 'request startup' is currently disabled for this session and was not executed. None of the commands work, just recognizes the command but gives me this error
  18. Hi, I came here specifically because I just bought the 21, and in VR the cockpit looks a little wonky- the scale seems off, and the buttons/switches are tiny. Will the cockpit update fix this problem for VR?
  19. The audio redirect does not work. Trying to get VA/VAICOM to go out my Rift S without setting my default audio to rift S. It doesn't work at all. I set the VA to integrated audio/output to Rift S, and the redirect thing in VAICOM. I never hear the audio cues. It works if I set my default audio out to Rift S. Any ideas what could be wrong?
  20. Anybody else notice the stick and switches on the a10c are too small? But the cockpit size is fine, so it's not overall scale. It just seems it clearly made to look good on a 2D monitor. And the KA50- OMFG the control stick is like a giant cucumber. I would not be able to fit my hand around that. Are these going to be updated, or has anybody modded them so they are more realistic?
  21. Hi All, So I have a Logitech G940, and I am having a HELL of a time just setting up the basic axis commands. The stick shows up in three different colums- joystick, throttle, and rudder. Which seem by default to all have the same assigments? So I clear each column, manually change the axises in each column. Then click save, which seems to work. But when I exit and come back in, they are reset to the defaults. Also, if I click load, nothing comes up! It doesn't show the *.diff.lua files anywhere. Also, do I need to save/load the profiles for each column? Lastly, since my stick is FFB, it should allow the hydraulic trimmer, but when I press trim, it jumps WILDY to the other side and pretty much makes the trim useless. Any help would be appreciated. BTW this is alpha 2.0, blackshark, oculus rift, alienware aurora r5, 16 gb, gtx 1070
  22. Thanks, I'm not going to spend money on something I already bought. I'll find it. How do un-activate?
  23. Hi, I am getting a new computer with an Oculus next week, and first thing I'm going to install is DCS. Now, I bought the upgrade to blackshark 2 years ago. When I go to reinstall, am I going to need my original blackshark DVD? I don't have any idea where it is. Also, do I need to "un-activate" before I reinstall?
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