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  1. On the Syria map when zoomed in, the forest areas turn a solid green and block out the underlying contour lines for elevation. Can these be made to show over or through the areas that block them?
  2. There are no training missions with the new A-10C II. How are we meant to learn this new aircraft when basics are missing from the package?
  3. I'm having the same brightness issue. If I set the gamma to suit the outside world, then the cockpit is too dark, and if I set the gamma to suit the cockpit, then the outside world is too bright. It wasn't this bad a week or two ago.
  4. I just updated to the latest Open Beta patch. I am now getting a Malicious Tool warning from Kaspersky about the edCore.dll, Is anyone else getting anything like this, and do I need to worry?
  5. You really like twisting words don't you. Are you related to ED or something. Anyhow the Hawk was endorsed by ED on their website as the latest and greatest thing. So yes they do have responsibility. I'm only one person but I don't think I'm alone. I personally won't be purchasing anymore half baked modules unless they are fully functioning and feature complete modules like any other paid software. And what do you think the chances of that happening are, given recent history? Even though I probably couldn't use a discount anyway, it may help me to trust ED again and get back on the purchase wagon.
  6. Ultimately ED should be responsible. It was sold on their eStore. It was endorsed and approved by them to be part of DCS. Customers trusted ED.
  7. No I didn't just count myself. It would be good business practice and customer relations to do something for Hawk purchasers since it's a contentious issue. They won't lose anything by doing it. Do you think businesses lose money when they have 40% off sales. No they don't. They actually make money by getting more sales. So a small discount to get annoyed Hawk buyers back into the fold can't hurt. Now that people have been burnt with the Hawk, I think people will be thinking twice about about any new purchase from ED at the moment. I think a discount would alleviate that issue. When was the last module released that was actually 'feature complete' apart from some inevitable bugs? This whole Early Access stuff with extra bits that may or may not ever come is getting dubious at best. Why not complete the module before releasing it like any other software?
  8. Costly??? A few dollars discount isn't a big deal, they have sales all the time. It's not my fault they hyped a third rate product that was not up to scratch and not maintained after I purchased it. And I did not mention 'refund'. I just said a discount on a future purchase. Sorry if I've upset you apple cart and high horse.
  9. I did not say I knew it was poor before I purchased it. That came after and it was not maintained and updated. I'm just saying I think it would be very good PR for ED to offer a 'small' discount in their store for Hawk purchasers. Not really something any decent company couldn't do.
  10. The Hawk was never up to scratch and a poor module since day one and everyone knows it. ED should never have let it out in the first place, and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect something from them. As I said even if it's just a small discount.
  11. I agree with some people saying that ED should offer a one off discount or bonus on another module to 'anyone' that has purchased the Hawk. Even if it's only a few dollars, it would make for good customer support and retention.
  12. How about we just get the fully functional and working F/A-18C that we PAID for? Other game makers seem to be able to provide complete and functional software, and rectify bugs and issues.. This pre-release stuff only gives us planes to fly, not fight in, and they never seem to get finished. :mad: :pilotfly:
  13. Server list ongoing issue This has been an ongoing issue since the release of 2.5.x and is not Release or OpenBeta specific. If you have any AntiVirus software, then turn it off and refresh the server list until you see all servers. Otherwise just keep refreshing the server list and all servers should eventually show up.
  14. Not seeing all servers I have been experiencing not seeing servers since the initial 2.5 update. I need to constantly refresh the server list to see a complete list of available servers. Two servers I regularly use and never see first time are Drex's DDCS server and Through the Inferno (Australia). There are many others that I don't see on first try either. My first try could give me a list of 80 or 90 servers, then after constant refreshing and retries I might see around 130 servers. And even then I'm not sure if that's everything. If I try to connect via IP, I get a server offline message. But I know via voice communication that there are a dozen people on the server and it is not offline. If it doesn't show in the list I can't even connect via IP. This seems a to defeat the purpose of being able to connect via IP. This has been an ongoing problem for a while now.
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