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  1. climb out to 80k feet and then burn to mach 5, active radar was initiated between 3-5 miles giving you about 4 seconds of reaction time give or take the target altitude. But who knows how they will model it in DCS with how poorly the amraam is modeled I am not going to hold my breath. I really just see it used as missile boat, launch all 4 and pray they hit. But maybe we will get an actual ocean map to accompany better carrier combat.
  2. From what I am hearing is it works if you are running the open beta client but not the main
  3. F10 radio menu is not functioning since latest update
  4. Blitz05

    Helmet visor toggle

    the one that uses the rafale displays
  5. Blitz05

    Helmet visor toggle

    The upgrade in 2015 was for the -5 and to make the glass cockpit NVG compatible. But the thread does have other interesting notes but most of them are no one really knows and that the french just didnt use them for interceptors.
  6. Blitz05

    Helmet visor toggle

    the cockpit lights are red and of the same shade so there is minimal interference with NVG and other then the warning panel nothing causes light bloom which is acceptable for NVG qualification on an airframe. So by all standards there should be no reason why we cannot have night vision on the mirage.
  7. Hey Greg any chance for bringing dynamic weather back again, starting to miss the night and bad weather missions
  8. Blitz05

    Helmet visor toggle

    Night vision is something you clip to your helmet, the aircraft does not need any compatibility with night vision unless maybe you want uv lighting of which the mirage has ingame.
  9. You are forgetting it is not RVE's fault that one team sways to blue or red, it comes down to more people own the a-10 then the ka-50 and the f-15 over the su-27. Also the tendency of people naturally choosing blue over red because blue is viewed as the good guys. To really help out the numbers on both sides put the attack aircraft on both teams and just leave the fighters east vs west.
  10. That would involve the people who say it needs to be mandatory to actually use it instead of being on teamspeak and not having the application even running.
  11. If it is as you say it is then that is dissapointing, I will miss the days of using snakeyes and rockets.
  12. load up bombs on inner wing pylon and rockets on outer then try to select rockets and fire them. EXT pylons only works if you have rockets on all 4 pylons
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