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  1. Mod still works after updating to, so no errors for me when starting DCS. However, I no longernotice a FPS increase with the Mod, so exactly the same FPS as without Mod. 2 months ago a had +18% increase. Somebody experiences the same?
  2. Mods Folder installed correctly. Thanks How do I install the Skin Folder? Do I need to unrar them one by one and copy to the respective folder? e.g. DCS folder\Bazar\Liveries\uh-1h\UH-1 International RC-CR
  3. I fly Huey Multicrew with a friend. Is it possible to "auto-accept" when he joins copilot seat? I really dont like to fiddle around with the mouse when in game to accept. Thanks.
  4. Is it possible to change the VC channel (common, coaliation, intercom) with a keyboard short cut? I don't find any setting to bind a key. By default it's always on intercom, so I need to bring the overlay on screen, search my mouse with VR googles on and select coalition. thanks for help
  5. Wow, thanks a lot for the helpful answers. Highly appreciated. Reg. Mission 7: After several attemps, I really don't waste time anymore, believe me :joystick: To be precise, made it 4 times to X-field and got hit by mortar always, so 4/4. Even tried to land on the far left / right side of the LZ. Maybe just bad luck? Looking forward to the summer campaign. Thanks again, keep up the work
  6. Hello First of all, I think this is best huey campaign (compared to UN Pilot and Argo) because of the athmosphere, things happening around you, design complexity and funny door gunners. Thank you very much! After 4 perfect missions, however, I face difficulties completing mission 5-8. I am fine with the level of difficulty reg. piloting skills, problems are other reasons see below. Mission 5-6 is feedback only, Mission 7-8 it seems to me more like a design bug. Mission 5-1 Helo often destroyed with a single shot when debarking second group on mountain top (skipped after 4 attemps) Mission 5-2 Mixed up triggers when flying around the convoy, not clear what to do / wait for (skipped after 3 attemps) Mission 6 Navigation guidance unclear once off course, e.g. leaving the main valley to approach landing zone and after dropping smoke. (skipped after 3 attemps) Mission 7 AI of patrol boats far superior than my door gunners (often shot down). Car bomb trigger only activated once. Mortar shells always destroys helo on ground, no change to survive (skipped after 9 attemps) Mission 8 Mission ends immediately with message "Pilot dead, Red wins" without a cause after approx. 3 minutes when Apaches land. Cannot fly the mission. (skipped)
  7. Tried for 2hours to make VC work, but no luck. Port forwarded, excluded in Firewall, all settings double checked. Does not work if I run server on my pc and also does not work if my friend and I connect on any multiplayer server. Taking the exact same device setting into SRS works like a charm, so device input on both end are ok. I would really prefer in build VC. Any suggestions what to check further. THX
  8. SRS work fine just to add: Voice chat via SRS works normal, we can hear each other, so I really do not understand why it's not working with the built in voice chat.
  9. Did all steps here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4119075, started a "new server" and tried to setup VC with a friend, both Oculus Rift S. I could hear him all the time, but he could never hear me. We tested all different audio settings (Default / Rift S), restartet, did 10309 Port forwarding, etc. I did not help. Is there any possibility to test VC with a third party server so that we can narrow in the problem? Can one check whether or not an audio signal is recieved? At least we would know whether its a server problem, my settings or his. Thks.
  10. As of today should mission 2 be fixed now? After delivering all cargo wolf 1 gets destroyed in the river. How to update the mission? Thx.
  11. @Eight Ball: Where did you find the helipad? If I place an object and select heliport > only FARP available structures > can't find such pad thanks for a short reply
  12. Hi. Running DCS with Oculus Rift for 10 months now and rarely encountered crashes. Since maybe 1 months after each mission both DCS 1.x and 2.1.1 crashes, also the recent updates did not help. Error message is dll error. After that DCS won't start anymore with message "dll is either not designed to run on windows or contains an error". I need to repair the exe with cmd "DCS_Updater.exe repair" and then it works again for one mission. Affected dll are most of the time the same, one of those below. WorldGeneral.dll edObjects.dll Terrain.dll World.dll Any idea how to solve this issue?
  13. I run i7, MSI 1080zi Gaming X. Flying through Vegas (Version 2.1.1) is good, even at mid to high setting ok fps and smooth experience. Recently installend DCS 1.5.7 (more mission content) and I am disappointed, fps way lower, stuttering, hard to fly the gazelle if not smooth. :mad:
  14. I have DCS 2.0 and the Gazelle and I am desperately looking for a campaign. True that there is only a SA342 campaign for DCS 1.5, but not for DCS 2.0?
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