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  1. TGP is not showing images as of this update. Before you ask if it was actually pointing at the ground, it is. I slewed the TGP using the HUD. I'd also like to add that the TAD seems to be suffering from the same problem. EDIT:Turns out this only happens for the instant action missions...
  2. Yep, that was the problem. I should've been more thorough with my troubleshooting. Thanks for the help!:thumbup:
  3. The dialogue in the first mission never begins.
  4. Well, I think it's more than obvious now that I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. Thanks for clearing it up yet again.
  5. Ah, finally somebody sheds some light on this. Anything altered in the Nvidia control panel is going to be post process to the DCS engine which won't garner the same quality.:doh: Feedback while I'm here: Nvidia control panel settings Anisotropic filtering 16x FXAA OFF AA mode Override AA setting 8x AA transparency 8x MFAA ON In-game settings have everything set to high with exceptions to AA at 2x, tree view distance slider set to about half way, Anisotropic filtering off and Ground object shadows to flat only. GTX 1070, 6700k, 16GB RAM and 230GB SSD With the these settings and gear I am able to achieve a somewhat constant 60FPS with the occasional stutter and a noticeable drop after explosions and while looking at heavily populated areas. The same can be said for multiplayer, although, I have noticed that when somebody loads in I have a 2-3 second stutter. It may just be a coincidence that it happens at the same time. Not sure though.
  6. Head to your dcs world open alpha folder Hold left shift and right click on the bin folder Click 'open command window here' CMD will pop up and you can input the command string there
  7. Report back if you have to use the command line to download the normandy map.
  8. I'd like to think it's people relatively close to us, but the cap is odd and doesn't seem to serve any benefits...
  9. Peers keep fluctuating from 48~52. I don't believe it makes a difference though as I've had my DL speed go up to 3MB/s with 48 peers and down to 300 KB/s with 52 peers.
  10. Ahh jeez.. Well, thanks anyways.. If it weren't for your replies I would've spent days mindlessly searching for the mod.
  11. I see.. Do you know of anything that would work along the same lines as the mustang mod?
  12. Does anybody have alternate link to the forests without shadows mod by mustang?
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I just went ahead and uninstalled everything.
  14. Do you have everything set at default for the clockblocker and are you using the radeon settings to oc or afterburner??
  15. I accidentally saved the 2.0 NTTR files in the DCS world directory... Is there any way I can split them up?
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