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  1. Is the Hornet grip seen as a different controller in DCS from the standard Warthog joystick grip? I'd like to be able to switch back and forth between grips depending on which aircraft I want to fly, however I assume if the Hornet grip is not seen as unique from the standard grip, it would mean I have to re-assign the switches and buttons each time I switch grips?
  2. That's a fair suggestion. I went to nVidia's download section and did a driver search for my card - found I had been using driver 4141 version dated 11/20/2019. I updated to the latest WHQL version, 4587- dated 4/3/2020. FPS still at 61-62, but GPU usage is now at solid 100%, no longer fluctuating between 99-100%. I have also tried MSI Afterburner and increased both Core and Mem clocks by +200, but it makes no difference in my FPS.
  3. Thanks for that suggestion, Cy-27. I checked nVidia Control Panel and found I had made some changes to some settings for DCS. I took a snapshot of the settings for future reference and restored to default settings. My FPS improved to 62 FPS, still at 99-100% GPU usage.
  4. I have eVGA GTX 1080 Black Edition. INSTANT ACTION-Su-25T-Free Flight at MineraInye Voby, Preset=HIGH, MSAA=4x, 1920x1080, Vsync OFF: GPU usage is 99-100% and FPS is 61. I tried using RyzenMaster to do an all-core overclock to 3.9GHz, and saw no change in the numbers. Normally my 2700 sits at all-core clock of 3.35 MHz. I thought DCS was highly dependent on CPU speed so was surprised the overclock made no difference. I guess the 1080 is my bottleneck, no matter the clock setting of the 2700 CPU? My result is a little lower than I expected/hoped, with my 1080's performance between the 5700 and 5700XT, lower than a 1070Ti, and the 1080Ti being around 35% faster then the 1080. Baffled how Sniper34's 1080 can perform so well; better than the two 1080Ti's listed. Thanks for this thread!
  5. The P-38 in DCS would be incredible. Include me as a Day 1 purchaser. :thumbup:
  6. I have a Ryzen 2700, GTX 1080, and 32 Gb of DDR4 3200 RAM. I use hp Reverb and get 35-45 fps or under when on the ground (depending on map - Nevada seems hard on fps) and 50-60+ when at altitude. I did use Ryzen Master to disable SMT, and overclock to 3.9 Ghz with Vcore @1.39375V and Vsoc @1.15V. I have the standard Wraith Spire cooler, am my CPU temps remain under 70C, though sometime I remove the tempered glass side panel for better air circulation. I think your CPU and RAM are OK but the 2060 may be borderline for VR? gpu.userBenchmark shows the 1080 with about an 11% fps advantage over the 2060: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2060-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1080/4034vs3603 Maybe you could get the Rift S from a retailer that allows returns with no re-stocking fee, so you could just try it and see what kind of experience you have? Good news is new video cards coming out this year with should drive price down of existing cards. I'm following the prices of the 2080 Super closely. For me VR so immersive that when I bring my aircraft to a halt after landing/taxiing, I find my torso sometimes actually leans forward to counter the expected deceleration when coming to a complete stop. Feels foolish after I realize I'm just sitting at my desk!
  7. I think they are a great option for you. I own Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals (same model as yours, they look unchanged since Logitech took over) and they have given me good service for 5+ years, with moderate usage. I also have a Warthog and find it to be a very satisfactory combination. Eventually I'd like those TM Pendular pedals, but that's another $500 - and I need to upgrade my system before spending that much on pedals.
  8. Definitely interested in an Replica F-16 throttle!
  9. I am an occasional VR user, and I recently visited the eye doctor (wanted a fresh prescription so I can purchase lens inserts for my next VR headset). I specifically asked him about VR and any possible long term eye damage from VR headset use. He was pretty noncommittal - I think there is just not that much research out there regarding the effects of long term VR use. Regarding blue light, I think he said the issue is the blue light disrupts the body's melatonin production, so it screws up our natural sleep/wake cycle. That's why newer tablets like the 6th gen iPad have the ability to change the display's color balance away from blue light to a warmer color balance at night. I use a Lenovo Explorer, and I experience eye strain and dry eyes after an hour of so of use - I attribute it to the heat generated by the headset, as well as straining to read dials and gauges due to its limited resolution and small sweet spot. So I take frequent breaks. Best advice I could give is like any new technology, use in moderation until more is known about long term health effects. Look at what they are discovering about vaping, which was touted as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking.
  10. I like VR alot, but I wouldn't want to go lower than my 1080. I think a 2070 or 2080 Super would handle it fine. I probably need to optimize settings more but I drop below 45 fps at busy fields. btw I had the same difficulty with TrackIR, using the hat clip. I build an IR LED clip using instructions I found online, and haven't had any trouble with TrackIR since. I did have to order a plastic clip to be made from a 3D printer, but the cost was less then $15. Probably < $10 for the other parts - IR LEDs, resistors, fuse. I had scrap wire to use and I cannibalized on old USB cable to get power to the clip. Nothing can take the place of looking out over the nose of the F-5E in VR though - the sense of scale is kindof mind-blowing.
  11. https://atwar.online/gawgci.php Doesn't seem to be updating - its been stuck at 00:24:17 mission time and none of the aircraft are changing positions.
  12. LOL. Right there with ya, Chief.
  13. Ah, I see. Thanks! I thought 2 base stations were needed for tracking? I don't do anything in VR except DCS, so no need to move around the room...
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