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  1. In further testing, it seems that if you follow the proper CASE 1/2/3 communication procedures it will not allow you to do a launch after trapping. If you only call "Inbound" (in CASE 3, this seems necessary to get the deck lighting on) and nothing further, it will allow you to launch again. Bug?
  2. I'm using the F/A-18C. I also got the .50321 update and still no change.
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to understand what the "magic" sequence is for being able to launch again after performing a trap/recovery back onto the deck. I've taxied off the landing strip back to parking and then called for "request launch" from the ground crew menu. The launch team then positions for catapult operations, but when I taxi up to the cat (it doesn't matter which one) the crew just keeps shifting on their feet with no guidance signals from the director. It's like they're waiting for an aircraft but I'm right there in position to move forward, lower the launch bar, etc. but no joy. Am I missing something? Look forward to hearing what it is. Highspeed
  4. I've tried this several times (Request Launch from the Ground Crew Comms menu) after performing a trap and I see the launch teams reposition for launch. However, when I then taxi to a catapult for a new launch I never get the signals for hook-up so I cannot launch again. The launch crew just stands there shuffling their feet and looking around like they're still waiting for an aircraft to approach their station. It doesn't matter which cat I taxi to, I get no further action. Kinda makes it difficult to practice launch/recovery when I can only get one cycle. Any "secrets" I'm missing?
  5. Yes, thanks AlphaOneSix. That makes sense. It's a matter of the hub being able to come in contact with the mast at high deflection angles. With fully articulated, this can't happen as the flapping happens at the blade hinge point and not by moving the hub itself. This is actually what I was referring to when I said "more rigid" designs but couldn't recall the proper term for it so thanks for the clarification. Highspeed
  6. Mast bumping is generally associated with any RW aircraft that does not have a rigid rotor system. The Huey is one such example and more notorious for mast bumping, but the R44 is also a "semi-rigid" design meaning it has flapping built into the hub and so therefore, it too can experience this issue. Many of the more modern aircraft will handle flapping differently and may have a more rigid rotor system that is less prone to mast bumping or similar effect. So the bottom line is that no matter the model, all RW aircraft should be flown to avoid "unloaded" rotor disc flight. Always keep a positive G loading on the aircraft and avoid abrupt control movements and you should be fine. Highspeed
  7. This IS Nevada, not too far from Area 51. So perhaps Alien graffiti? :music_whistling: :megalol:
  8. Awesome news! Glad it helped you out. Yes, getting those auto-rotations practiced is not only helpful for dealing with real emergencies but will help perfect controlled/powered landings immensely. In any case, we're all here to help in any way we can. Highspeed
  9. I kind of figured that's what you meant. Just poking fun at myself for the way I read that. I see the title has been changed. Just for reference, "approximately" can be symbolized with the tilde (~). Good to have a laugh once in a while, though. (grinning sheepishly) Highspeed
  10. Are you changing them from the ESC menu (Adjust Controls option) when in the aircraft or at the settings menu from the main screen? I've noticed that it is better to make control adjustments - particularly axis control settings - from the full settings screen from the main menu. This is not particular to any specific module/aircraft that I have been able to determine. Hope that helps, Highspeed
  11. I'm just curious... ... how you managed to get -36800 meters? :pilotfly: But I suppose if you can take off backwards in the P51, anything's possible. Highspeed
  12. Additionally, there are minor system anomalies. Two examples: 1. Bright/Dim switch for nav lights operates in reverse. 2. Keyboard/Joystick mapping for the circuit breakers is all mixed up. I have been able to fix number 2 by editing the .lua file(s) but each time a DCS update is made these get reset back to the incorrect mappings. Additionally, multi-crew would be awesome to have functioning although I don't do much flying on line and even less combat flying. I am here more for the flight model of my beloved UH-1H Huey! I am also dabbling around with some of the other modules (P-51D is the biggest one other than the Huey, then the Spit when I get better at tail-wheel handling with the 51) but it is the Huey that drew me here. Bottom line is - yes, it's an outstanding module but there are still quirks to be fixed and improvements to be made (promised features such as multi-crew) that would make this module even better. Highspeed
  13. Yep! "Moment" and "Arm" are two terms used to describe angular changes in an extended (e.g. wings - rotary or otherwise) component of an aircraft. I'm not sure I understand it all well enough to explain nor what the difference in the two terms is but essentially the "Arm" is a measurement of effectiveness of a control surface whereas a "moment" defines how quickly that control takes effect. So the arm would be determined by how far the control (e.g. the aileron on a fixed wing) is away from the effected axis of movement whereas the moment would be affected by such things as the length and size of that control surface. That is the best of my understanding and I may have the terms reversed but that's essentially what it's all about. So yes, you are remembering the correct term from your discussion with that pilot. Highspeed
  14. Awesome! Glad to hear ya got it going. Highspeed
  15. Yes, the battery is usually only good for one or two attempts at starting. As for the start procedure, it sounds like you're going through it pretty completely. However, the throttle should be at the idle stop when engaging the starter. I don't think having it slightly above this would break the startup, though. Also, I would be concerned if failure mode causes startup issues so easily ore frequently but I would check with the server admins if they have failure modes turned on. For troubleshooting beyond this, would you be able to post a track file showing the startup? A lot of it at this point (even in the real Huey) would be visual to determine where the failure is. Even a screenshot of the caution panel may help as it could show other warnings that are more pertinent to the startup of the engine. We'll help you get to the bottom of this hopefully. Highspeed P.S. If you're able to duplicate this in single player mode that would be helpful as well.
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