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  1. That's it ! WatermanPC ! It seems to be a known issue :/ It depends on the red you use, if it's too shiny, the result will be ugly ... Seems to be on Eagle Dynamics' garden then ...
  2. Here it is ! I was wondering if it was due to the format used to save the skin...
  3. Hello guys, Do you experience glitches on borders of red textures ? Especially in low lighting. The border of any red areas such as "danger jet intake" marking, inside the cockpit on the front dashboard for example ... It just over shines on red color only. Also occurs with Tomcat only. Did you notice the same ? Thanks. KEAPS.
  4. At last !!!! Big thumb up !! MERCI !
  5. KEAPS

    NS-430 Popup

    Hello, Did anyone achieve to set the GPS pop-up elsewhere than in the right lower corner ? If you use multiple display, most of the time the GPS is hidden. It should have been more relevant to display it in the left upper corner ...
  6. Hi, By unplugging my second monitor, I found that the GPS is located in the right low corner of my second screen ( instruments ). Unfortunately for now, I don't know how to move it to another location.
  7. Hi, When hitting these keys, I feel a change in the lighting but no gps appears... same thing in every module. Did I miss something ? Tried L39, P51 and M2000 so far. Thanks for any advice. :)
  8. KEAPS

    Vario Bug

    So amazed ! I never noticed this in the previous releases :) If it sticks to reality yes it's definitively a feature :) Thanks for this JoJo !
  9. KEAPS

    Vario Bug

    Arrow indicator is followed by text ....
  10. Hello Flo, Same on Mirage 2000, when you use external lighting, no effect, you're still stuck in complete darkness ... It's a pity we can't fly by night anymore ... We tried to refuel in a night mission but even close to the tanker, we tried with full landing light on, the tanker remains black... Please Dev Team, would you mind fixing this ? Thanks :)
  11. Please give us back the opportunity to fly by night !
  12. Hello folks ! Anyone here owning this 34" display and wanting to share his settings for best results ? For now i adjusted G-Sync and V-Sync and have 55-75 fps IG with almost full details ON. My GPU is a Strix 1080Ti 11 Gb Oc. I did not activate the frame limiter as i never go above 100 Fps. Any advice ? :) Thanks !
  13. Hi there, There are many different skins available for the M2000, some are fictional others real. I did a Mirage IIIE from Tow Weiss basis and many others for my Virtual Squadron but it could be way more efficient to work on a psd file. I read many pages of this forum to find a link or a clue about the original skin template but unfortunately without success until now. Does this skin template exist somewhere ? ( except at Razbam's shack ? ) :smilewink: I asked to Razbam directly but i did not have any reponse from them. Can someone help on this ? Many thanks ! Cheers, KEAPS.
  14. Hi Folks, I must admit that the only remaining point is now slowing down and breaking the plane. I did a major error by transfering the config to the new version and it's a really a good idea to reset the axis control to default ! Now it behaves smoothly :) Great ! Now we just need a little bit more of efficiency in breaking, especially in flight. Finally a great improvement, thanks to Rzabam !
  15. Hello Az :) Yes i think we'll have to adapt ourselves to the "new plan", no doubt about it ! Now what disturbs me the most is that you cannot brake the plane easily... did you experience this ?
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