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  1. This is what I'm talking about. Sorry for the VR pic.
  2. The Front Windscreen that the pilot looks out of is a bit hazy to me. I'm assuming this is the DDS transparency becoming more visible since it's at a shallower angle compared to, say, the side windows. This make any sense? Are there some files I can modify to change this? I tired the "reflect" DDS files...made them all completely transparent, but no change. Maybe something on the outside of the model? And yes, I know this is a REALLY low thing to complain about.
  3. Yeah...same here. I pre-purchased and forgot. In fact, I went to go pre-purchase it AGAIN because I forgot I already did. Plenty of other crates to fly before it gets here.
  4. Cool! Thanks for this! Always good to have more Crocodile missions.
  5. Just wanted to confirm you can "mix-and-match" 9M120 variants. I loaded up the HEAT and the Air-to-Air version at the same time...took out a helicopter no problem. When I switched to the Anti-Tank version, I never could get a "lock" tone. I can switch between the two fine with the AI interface, though. I loaded up only the Anti-Tank version and was able to get a lock...well Petrovich was able to.
  6. I know that more advanced Weather is coming, but it would be nice to have a "Random" option to choose from the existing 2.7 presets just to make mission more varied.
  7. Yup, but I'm learning the Mirage again...so I'll be testing the buddy-lase stuff soon. OR just using clusters.
  8. Thanks for the continuing updates! This is a great mission!
  9. It seems load times have increased dramatically in the ME. When I try to pan or zoom, it freezes...stutters...freezes...and finally moves. Seems to happen with all the maps. This is particularly jarring in VR (in the G2 it shakes the screen when loading). At one point it lasted about 5 minutes...during which I had to take the VR headset off lest I barf. Even in 2d it takes a very long time for the ME to load everything or "settle down". Even with missions that have few units. Done a repair and removed mods...no difference. Anyone else seeing this? Anything else I can try?
  10. Excellent, thank you for the clarification. It's been a few years since I've flown the Mirage, and I'm finding it refreshingly different (and FUN) from the MFD-laden Hornet and Viper.
  11. Quick question. Every time I cold start it seems the Altimeter is already set correctly for me. Is that right? I double check the table on take-off after ATC gives me the setting, and it's always right. I've never noticed before, but does the ATC give you an altimeter setting during approach?
  12. Is there any way to give your Wingmen a French accent? I know that other French Mirage flights seem to have this capability. I set the Country to France, but my flight always talks with an American drawl...kinda ruins the immersion.
  13. I'm very glad I found this thread. I thought I was just a REALLY bad pilot. I don't think I've flown a single Attack mission in the P-47 without my canopy getting shattered and smoke pouring from my engine...regardless of how I approached the target. The Flak is crazy accurate!
  14. Thanks for the continued help, BigNewy, but this also didn't work. I am 100% convinced it's a SteamVR issue considering everything else broke, too. I've rolled back to an early version of SteamVR and it works like it used to. Apparently I'm not the only one having issues with this latest update (according to a few angry VR users on the Steam Forums).
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