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  1. I know it's a couple years old but this just helped me . Just getting back to DCS after a few years...
  2. I had to guess it because the file in question wasn't in the list posted above: DCS_Updater.exe install MIG-21BIS I couldn't get it to work at first but it's case sensitive so "MIG21-BIS" must be all caps
  3. 24 FPS was made for movies because at a higher rate the reels would be so big that they wouldn't fit the projection equipment. 24 was the lowest they could go to get acceptable quality. The thing is a video game isn't a movie. When you throw "head panning" into the mix it changes everything because of the added (or subtracted) degrees of motion. Perception of motion is also impacted in flight sims directly by the degrees of turn rate of the aircraft. The higher the turn rate , the higher the FPS is required to keep the illusion. There was a really old study about this but they only used a fixed forward view. They don't take into account movement of the viewpoint at all. It's too much maths for my tiny brain to handle but that's the gist of it. One could infer that if you were turning right and also panning right that it would take an even higher FPS to continue to look smooth.
  4. I had a chance to see this aircraft at Flightsimcon 2015, the second day they opened it up and you could sit in it :) Snapped some pics for you guys to see. Sorry for the poor quality my hands were shaking lol.. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iezgt5fyaumtnvj/AAB5c8bQAKRt_xUq-QjFUktxa?dl=0
  5. I've been dying for this in a modern sim since the days of Ef2000 battles on Kali - I'm glad someone is finally going to make this a reality. I played that sim probably more than any other single game before or since. Can't wait.
  6. Slayer

    EFM and SFM?

    Thanks for the feedback. I want the higher fidelity model regardless. The more realistic the better IMO.
  7. Slayer

    EFM and SFM?

    Multiplayer How are 2 different flight models going to work in multiplayer will there then have to be 2 different models for the same aircraft? I imagine the people who want an advantage will go for the lesser FM because it has less constraints and therefore they can get easier kills?
  8. Got both my keys, thx guys. Outstanding.
  9. Hurry up and get killed for a load of christmas trees. The only thing he's showing is carelessness and recklessness. Not 2 things you want for a long life as a pilot. I imagine we will see his burning wreck on the news at some point in the future when something goes wrong with the heli or he makes a tiny mistake.
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