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  1. You indeed raise some very good points. Unfortunately the F-14's hydraulic modelling seems pretty basic, which can already be seen after performing a few quick tests. In a cold & dark jet, try windmilling the left engine using ground air and moving the wings without right engine. Even at 20% RPM (and only on one engine), the wings move at their normal rate. Wiping the controls, changing flap settings, nothing has any effect on the hydraulic pressure, even after you stop cranking the engine and the RPM drops. Pressure in the combined system drops at the exact same rate as if you didn't touch anything. It is the same with BFCM, which produces the same control surfaces movement rate as it is with both engines operating regardless of whether it's running on Low or High. In fact they are (at least in my experience) windmilling at roughly 3-6% N2 (F110). I don't think that is sufficient to provide any hydraulic pressure, but in Heatblur's F-14, it is enough to provide normal control surface movement rates. During my tests at lower speeds, COMB hydraulic pressure fluctuated between 1200 PSI and 2100 PSI regardless of hydraulic load (after reaching 2100, it suddenly dropped back to 1200 and slowly recharged). During the peaks at 2100 PSI, it was possible to change wing sweep, flap setting and extend/retract gear. This hydraulic load in itself doesn't affect COMB pressure, as it simply continues to do its thing of going up and down. And as you mentioned - even at 3% N2, FLT pressure doesn't go below 2000 PSI. Obviously, yanking the stick doesn't affect the pressure AT ALL and the control surface movement rates are identical with normal operations. That doesn't really seem right. Regarding the BFCM activation, I agree that it does seem a little weird. From my understanding, one of the two should be true: A) When spawning a cold & dark jet, activating the ground power should automatically start the BFCM in AUTO(Low) mode, since both FLT & COMB are below 2100 PSI. B) When shutting down engines, waiting for hydraulic pressures to drop and then applying ground power, the BFCM should not activate. (and as it is now, it does) I guess it would make sense for the system not to run on ground power in Auto, thus making B correct. Maybe there's some other variable that HB knows about, but if there is, it doesn't seem to be mentioned in NATOPS. Also, little off-topic, but while we're discussing hydraulics, the wing sweep performance is not modelled correctly. As per F-14B NATOPS, page 2-81: "Failure of either the combined or flight hydraulic systems permits the wings to move at a reduced rate." Currently, it does not. The wings move at the same rate with both or only COMB system operating. They don't move at all when only FLT is operating. tl;dr on what should in my opinion be investigated / fixed: - Different hydraulic system pressures resulting in same primary / secondary flight control movement rates - 3-6% N2 windmilling RPM providing enough pressure for both FLT & COMB hydraulic systems - BFCM activating in Auto(Low) when on ground power - Wing sweep performance with only one hydraulic system operating
  2. Use HUD brightness knob left of the VDI instead of pitch ladder brightness. I don't think changing pitch ladder brightness ever worked in HB's F-14.
  3. Both the clock and the stopwatch in Tomcat cockpit run slow. Approximately 6 seconds for every 10 minutes - 35 seconds for every hour. Same in pilot and RIO pit. Mission on the screenshot started at 12:00:00, screenshot taken an hour of gametime later.
  4. I'm personally hoping HB will make more than one variant just like with the 'cat. Old Vietnam era A-6A and a TRAM/SWIP version would be awesome. Or add the A variant as a sort of DLC later on.
  5. I've been doing some tests as server host in MP. If the mission is paused on server startup, spawning in the wingman slots causes CTD. But if you spawn in the leader slot first and then change to wingman and spawn, it doesn't crash (but only if the mission is paused during this time). Additional info that might help :) dcs.log-20191218-203829.zip
  6. I'd like to add that the green backlight for the "Track Hold" button doesn't light up when the button is pressed. The red backlight goes out if the night backlighting is enabled though. This has been an issue even before the last updates.
  7. Do you have your radar set in the XMIT position? I was able to reproduce it by having it in STBY.
  8. +1 for this idea. Please give us this option in the "Special" options tab
  9. Me! :D 58 minute mark.. Gonna need to put that thing into a loop until the F-18 drops..
  10. Please read the post again. Other 3rd party aircraft didn't have assets associated with them. Only the Harrier did AFAIK with the LHA-1 Tarawa and KC-130, but these became a free part of DCS World. I'm not sure if it was confired the Forrestral carrier battlegroup will be free for all DCS players. For example, if you don't own the WW2 asset pack, you can't join servers where any part of it is included.
  11. Will people without the F-14 module be able to join a server with the Forrestral included in the mission? It'd suck if they won't.. (Just worrying about some of my squadronmates not being able to join my training mission or any other server with the Forrestral included)
  12. By the way, Blueflag admins, Tbilisi and Vaziani airfields give Blue unfair advantage. It takes maybe 20 seconds of flight time in TF-51 to get the airfields repaired, therefore it makes them uncapturable for Red, unless they have like 25 fighters + strikers in the area or they play PvE (like the Blue do to make progress *cough* *cough*). Why don't Red have something similar to make it fair? Novorossiysk + Gelendzhik or both Krasnodar airfields?
  13. Heard that Eagle Dynamics? Wake up, it's (almost) 2018. Don't keep up to date only the graphics for god's sake.
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