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  1. What about Designation updates for the INS? Currently only overfly is available.
  2. The problem is the sim doesn't recognize the bridge itself when it comes to sensors. Your laser will shoot right through that bridge and give a reading on the other side, so no matter what you think you're looking at, the system thinks it's the ground. High angles will be your friend here, which means altitude and/or proximity. Another way is to be sure to approach the bridge along the same axis it spans. This makes targeting them much, much easier.
  3. It's in the patch notes today that it's supposed to be fixed.
  4. I don't know if this is intended but in real life an LST actually will sometimes pickup the emitter. JTAC should vector you the opposite way so your LST isn't looking at the emitter on the run in. Does this happen no matter which direction you approach the target?
  5. I'm with you guys. All the ED modern aircraft get all the hype but they require work-arounds for virtually anything but PGM plinking. Mirage is out here delivering to specification and above and beyond original spec and not a word. RAZ is the No Man's Sky of DCS.
  6. It doesn't. This is a bug that has had exhaustive research done and dozens of tracks submitted and has been confirmed at least twice.
  7. The part I don't understand is you say NAV sets the range, but also where you're looking sets the range. These both can't be true.
  8. It's a bug. The only dumb bombs that will work consistently without work-arounds is AUTO with Mk82. Everything else has some issue you will need to know the bug and therefore workaround.
  9. Does the real gunsight stutter this much? It's extremely choppy. AA gunnery in the Mirage is next to impossible for me using the gunsight. I Kentucky windage it using the gun cross and tracers just like before the past two updates. Anyone having better luck with this? I'm: 1. Making sure I'm nose to tail 2. Making sure I fire slightly before the reticle crosses the target 3. Of course, I have radar lock Supposedly you're supposed to get a double box showing it's ok to shoot, but it never appears for me
  10. This happens with non-jamming contacts. It was acknowleged in the bug section then fixed for the most part, but AIM7 launches still trigger it sometimes. Remember in ACM you had to attempt lock 3 or 4 times as the radar would lock the "ghost"?
  11. It does happen to me, and there are usually two culprits: 1. Your radar briefly tracked your own Sparrow instead of your target, then lost track of the Sparrow and now it tracks nothing 2. There is a "Ghost" your radar will often lock at 99nm. No one knows why. It will briefly track this then dump lock Both bugs are months old now. The Viper doesn't share them. Then again, the Viper doesn't arbitrarily show missile tracks. Maybe that will change. Supposedly an SU27 pilot said they should.
  12. By that logic so is this post. There was an acknowledged bug cited in this thread. People are having a conversation about being upset about it as a reaction. We're not trying to extract meaning or monetary value out of the conversation, we're just reacting. I thought that was allowed in forums. Were this the bug forum (where I posted the actual bug cited here) I'd be inclined to agree with you and would expect the conversation limited to the scope of the bug itself, but this particular sub-forum is for general discussion, which is what you are seeing here.
  13. So many paper tigers. "For years" does not equal 3+. It means more than one. I said two things separated by a comma. "Every method of iron bombing has been bugged". This is a true statement. ", some for years". Also true. I provided evidence (mk83 bug is from 2 years ago, A10 bug is over 5 years. Radar designation bug is over 1 year almost 2 now, HUD TDC bug is from the beginning). What you did is in your mind was delete "..., some..." and then accused me of saying the resultant summation. I did not say what you said I said, and everyone can read that. Maybe English isn't your first language. That's cool, but don't put words in my mouth or in this case, selectively choose them and give them alternate meanings.
  14. You can set the increment to .1 degrees, but the ME will only give it in 1 degree, that's what I meant. I used your method of delta lat/long with great results before, and now RAZ has added that handy shortcut for the ME that lets you skip a step on the ramp. They're really killing it with the Mirage lately.
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