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  1. I reduce the Y saturation of the "View - Zoom" axis to manage the cockpit zoom. A value of 60-70 is suitable for me for all aircrafts (I also tick the "Cursor" box in the axis settings). I find it more convenient than editing configuration files or using snap views (moreover the value can be modified in game).
  2. +1 And it has been a long time and many updates but the issue is not solved yet (I can't remember when it appeared for the first time) [emoji852]️ Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A5000 en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. I can't get the point of switching the AP off anyway. I always switch all channels on (except Alt Hold of course) before taking off and I don't touch them anymore. I use a mod (IC ok) which displays those blue buttons state (except FD) on the HUD. But anyway, even if it was more obvious before the lightning issue, it's not so hard to see the difference between the 2 states and quickly get used to it.
  4. Since a few weeks I fly on Gazelle only (M or Mistral) and I never get any crash (with RWR on of course) on latest OB 2.5.2. I was on 104th server last night and I flew about 1 hour without any issue.
  5. I flew M version on BF server last night (around 30 players) and no crash at all.
  6. No, the Minigun is a Gazelle variant on its own just like M, L and Mistral.
  7. Pourtant la syntaxe S-V-COD est respectée dans cette phrase [emoji4] Tu voudrais quoi à la place ? Et je pense aux jeunes qui vont lire ce thread et qui vont demander "euh c'est quoi un COD ?" [emoji39]
  8. In my case sometimes the telemetry works, sometimes it doesn't.
  9. Salut, J'ai volé sur votre serveur ce soir, c'était sympa malgré un plantage du serveur avant que j'aie pu ramener un pilote abattu de la 1st récupéré en Gazelle [emoji852]️ Je suis pilote d'hélico exclusivement, plutôt gunship (Ka-50/Gazelle) et au besoin slick (Huey/Mi-8). Quels sont vos jours et heures de training/mission ? Merci et bravo pour cette nouvelle escadrille !
  10. Ok I see. But once more I don't understand why a mission editor would use landing points for human pilots... Did you check in the ME manual what they are aimed to ?
  11. No contradiction here ? Or you are only talking about the name of the waypoint ?
  12. I don't get your thinking either [emoji4] What do you expect to get on the ABRIS for the final waypoint ? I guess that's not the kind of data that's displayed between the other points, which of course are the flight data to reach the next point (so it doesn't apply to the last one). I can't make it clearer. AFAIK landing points are made for AI airframes to tell them "land at this point". In which way should a landing point be different from another point in the ABRIS for you ? I agree it should load like any other point but if it doesn't, use another kind of point. Not a big deal, for me there are many more important bugs to solve.
  13. The difference between waypoint numbers in ABRIS and PVI-800 is not a bug, it's always been like that. But it's the opposite of what you said. The starting point in ABRIS is always waypoint 1, so the first "real" waypoint (waypoint 1 in PVI-800) is numbered waypoint 2 in ABRIS. Regarding landing waypoints, I think it's more useful for AI which has to know where it has to land. As a human pilot, your final waypoint is like any other one (a couple of coordinates).
  14. I don't understand why you expect to have to use left pedal. The Gazelle's rotor rotates clockwise so the reaction torque is counter clockwise so you need right pedal to counter it. When you lower the collective, the torque decreases so you need less pedal. Btw I have noticed on your video that the control indicator shows some right amount on yaw axis when you take off. Either you use right pedal, either you have some yaw trim or something else.
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