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  1. Having now completed the campaign i can say it was excellent. I usually pound the ground or fly helos - as a result i found the campaign to be be the perfect introduction to air to air combat/radars etc. It wasnt too easy (and therefore boring) and wasnt too hard that i felt i could never complete it and then just give up. I get why some feel it may be too easy but for me it was perfect. The story was convincing and i fully believed the events would unfold as it did. The voice acting was top notch (although my compatriat on the exchange programme with me annoyed me a little bit at times). Lastly (and this for me is crucial with DCS) your support, campaign updates and bug squashing was excellent. You were quick to respond and keen to solve the issue/perfect your campaign. Well done. I will be purchasing your Nevada M2000c and A10c campaigns when they are available!!! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. How big is the current 'installed' DCS world 2 open alpha (without modules)? Mine currently weighs in at 58.9GB. I have A10C, Mirage, Hawk, L-39, Huey, Gazelle and Su-27. The download folder is empty. Just curious as the recommended spec says 30GB and I am surprised if my limited selection of modules is really taking up 28GB. I only have 2 mods (totalling 168MB) so they are not rhe culprits. :helpsmilie: Edit: Just ran treesize and found the culprit - NTTR takes up a whopping 33GB! Time to get a second SSD given Hormuz and Europe are out in '2 weeks'!
  3. Just tried it with the latest update (.215). Got the radio chatter after the touch and go, got 100 and now on to Mission 2. Excellent!
  4. My googlefu must have failed. Thank you! Looking forward to the update and cracking on with this! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  5. Help! I am struggling to get past mission one. I have tried a few times now both going through each instruction and skipping them all. I get prompts and F10 options up to the touch and go point. I request permission to touch and go at Vaziani. This is granted. I conduct the touch and go no problem take off and begin the right hand pattern. I then do not get any furthr F10 prompts or dialogue. I contact Vaziani tower (Ch 2) following standard ATC route and get permission to land. Once I land I taxi to P35, stop and then get Mission success you can exit at any point. I have tried complete shutdown and just exiting still turning and burning. In my last attempt I kept checking my score which was 0 up to the point where I park up. It was 0 before I exited and then I get 50 and no option to go further? Loving the M2K and have heard good things about the campaign. Any ideas? edit: After the toucvh and go i fly over the village as per the approach diagram, i do this at between 1000-1500ft.
  6. That is kind of what i thought would happen. I doubt it will make difference but i might jack up the AI to excellent and see if that makes a difference. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. Ah ok, wasnt sure if that was realistic missile behaviour (self destruct when losing lock) . Cheers Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  8. So yesterday I set up a custom mission to practice A to G in the M2000C (an aircraft I am rapidly falling in love with!). I set up some hard targets on the disused airfield north of Batumi (the one used in all the weapon training missions for the A10 and Mirage). I also set up an Sa-3 site (one launcher, TR and SR). I approached from the West at about 150ft, as I approached the Sa-3 locked on and launched at me however the missiles exploded 50ft/2secs after launch. Is this a bug? I havent encountered this in Nevada (the only other range I have set up in a similar manner). Could it be (due to my height) it couldn't track properly?
  9. Excellent guide. Noticed you have the P40 as well (last page)!! 2 weeks out?? :) Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  10. I downloaded the mod pack which included ranger79s mod (as far as I could tell). When I checked the folder they were there. I also tried installing ranger79's object pack separately but then dcs Nevada wouldn't even load. I am probably making a basic error so will start checking everything again.
  11. Also tried installing this in the latest version of dcs Nevada but only get some troops, chinook and mortars. No joy. Really hoping this gets an update as it looks fantastic!
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