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  1. Is this still being supported? Seems like there hasn't been updates in a while?
  2. it's still the same on my end, no changes, still broken. usually i have to rapidly tap the comms menu on the keyboard for up to several seconds for any commands to 'unclog'. funny enough I recently picked up VAICOM after the last patch and the Huey was the first thing I tried it in, I was pretty confused and thought the problems I was experiencing it was my fault for messing up the setup somewhere.
  3. Seems like there may be an issue with the UH-1H with the latest patch. Maybe try downgrading the DCS patch before uninstalling/reinstalling VC/VA to see if that resolves it first? ( If you end up trying it, I'd be interested to know the result. )
  4. is it possible to play this coop with multicrew?
  5. Roger that. Looking forward the continued development.
  6. Ok thanks for the explanation, that makes a lot of sense. It is definitely an option. I didn't realize that simply having manually created the [plane_model] folder in advance would fix my issue. In that sense I don't think refactoring to accommodate should be a priority in any way, as that is a simple solution. But at the same time since a core principle in your approach of the project seems to be about flexibility, and people say may not know the folder structure of mods they download from a repository in advance to "make way" for it, I think it would be something to consider for a future update. -- as a tangential sidenote and some high level feedback Your software makes a lot of sense once you understand the principles and (unconventional) nomenclature, but it's not very obvious when you initially open it. There is a learning curve to it. I want to set up a repository and share some mods ( DCS main install folder ) and liveries ( Saved Games folder ) with some friends, and potentially add some of my own Saved Games folders for things like Chucks Guides. I'm just getting these friends into DCS, which already has a lot of complexity so adding the additional complexity of communicating how to set up the mod manager creates more friction for them and increases information load contributing to risks of information overload and loss of interest. What I want to do, in an attempt to reduce this overhead, is effectively give them a zip with my OpenModManager dcs structure, ie: \Mods\DCSWorld\DCSworld.omc \Mods\DCSWorld\Main Install\Main Install.oml \Mods\DCSWorld\Main Install\Backup \Mods\DCSWorld\Main Install\Library \Mods\DCSWorld\Saved Games User Folder\Saved Games User Folder.oml \Mods\DCSWorld\Saved Games User Folder\Backup \Mods\DCSWorld\Saved Games User Folder\Library I was going to keep the repository information in, but clear out the paths to the ( mod install endpoint ) locations in the xml files, so that all they would have to do is point to the correct install locations for their main folder and saved games folder locations and refresh the repository. ( IIRC there is an error box that complains that the path is invalid, but it would be nice to have a dialog box to input a new path in the case it's invalid, rather than having to go through the menus ) But it appears now I would also have to have them manually replicate the folder structure for the planes in order to install the liveries without running into overlap issues. I want to point out that I appreciate the work you are putting into this and understand that, especially at this stage in development, I shouldn't expect a perfect UX, and what I'm attempting to do is accommodate for that when I send this to friends who may not be as tolerant as I am of UX friction.
  7. I've been trying to record an avi through the mission editor, and the Briefing overlay gets stuck on screen. My mouse cursor is also being rendered into the video but I can't move it. Pressing pause also doesn't get rid of it. I've tried a variety of different things. Different resolutions, output formats, start and end times, etc. I've tried mashing the pause button repeatedly while it's loading before it gets to the recording. Nothing has worked. I've attached a short 5 second clip of one of my tests that shows what I mean. Server-20210708-184340-1.m4v
  8. I've created a location for my Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\ user folder. I also created a few packages with the structure: [livery_title] \ Liveries \ [plane_model] \ [livery_title] \ (asset files) And I keep getting overlap warnings with a yellow X icon instead of a green checkmark if I try to install 2 liveries of the same plane model, but there is no overlap of actual asset files as far as I can tell. I'm assuming it may have to do with some of the shared path. Overlap warning feels like it should only be if files are going to overwritten not just because they share a folder structure, but it doesn't appear that there are any files overwritten. If it's flagging because they share a parent folder I guess the only way to resolve it would be to have a unique location for any parent folder in Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\ but that would be a very cumbersome setup. edit: I also noticed that uninstalling the yellow X mod requires also uninstalling the green check mod.
  9. nosebruise

    M2K free trial?

    Modules are under Special Offers tab because of the sale going on now. I already have the M2k myself but was looking fwd to loading it up on a family members copy of DCS to see if they would be interested in it.
  10. I was looking around for this a while back but wasn't able to get it to work. What I ended up doing was save off 2 versions of options.lua and made 2 batch files that will switch between them. Haven't gotten around to changing the paths for 2.5 cause I've just been playing it in VR since release, but here it is for my 2.1 install: saved off a version of options.lua with my VR settings as options.vr and create a file called DCS-VR.bat in notepad @echo off title Setting DCS VR Options cd /d D:\Users\nosebruise\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Config\ copy options.vr options.lua cd /d E:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin DCS_updater.exe it will just overwrite options.lua with options.vr file replacing it with whatever my VR settings are and then launch the game. then do the same thing with standard mode settings in a new batch file. I called mine options.replay and DCS-Replay.bat
  11. VR is definitely the way to go imo, can't beat the immersion.
  12. Please please please fix the VR zoom speed. It seems like having a bindable axis could potentially be cool, but at the very least giving us an option to make it an instant pop to full zoom or adjust the speed would be a huge improvement to VR. The zoom animation speed can be a bit excruciating at times.
  13. Note that they don't mention PRO anywhere. It's because the pictures are of a standard MCG (base model, non-PRO). Comparison chart. EDIT: Just noticed there was a post with a picture of a PRO. You can see the thumb button is clearly different: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3261845&postcount=523
  14. Where can I find the Material # for other textures? I'm trying to reskin the first-person cockpit pilot ( & kneeboard ) to match the M2K livery I made. Also do you know if it's possible to alter the RGB values of the instrument panel lighting somewhere? It would be nice to get the brightness of the IP lighting without the bleeding of the saturated red in VR. Great job on this, btw, looks & feels great. The research shows through.
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