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  1. He says he disabled everything and it's the same.
  2. He deactivated the AV and he has a decent PC, so I'm guessing it isn't that. He finally downloaded it from Steam and is now getting a "no internet connection" error when logging in, even when he is connected. The log file he send me: === Log opened UTC 2017-01-22 17:56:32 00000.000 INFO VFS: Using 'Saved Games': "C:\Users\Xisco\Saved Games" 00000.096 INFO DCS: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows/6.1.7601) 00000.096 INFO DCS: CPU cores: 4, System RAM: 32720 MB 00000.105 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:0 00000.110 INFO Dispatcher: 2017/1/22 18:56 V1508170900 00000.120 INFO INPUT: Device [Keyboard] created deviceId = 1 00000.132 INFO INPUT: Device [Mouse] created deviceId = 2 00000.217 INFO SOUND: loaded 1110 sdefs from "sounds\sdef" 00000.235 INFO SOUND: Using driver: xaudio27 00000.238 INFO SOUND: XAudio2: Using device ID:'{}.{eaffcc25-d0f7-48aa-a830-15471612bd70}' Name:'Altavoces / Auricular (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC)', channels: 2 00000.252 INFO SOUND: XAudio2: channel layout: Headphones/Stereo 00000.253 INFO SOUND: Using SSE FTZ/DAZ mode. 00000.510 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/aircraft/Hawk/Textures/Avionics' to '/textures/'. 00000.510 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/aircraft/Hawk/Textures/BreitlingBillboard.zip' to '/textures/'. 00000.513 INFO SOUND: loaded 19 sdefs from ".\coremods\aircraft\m-2000c\sounds\sdef" 00000.513 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/aircraft/M-2000C/Skins/1/ME' to '/textures/'. 00000.513 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/aircraft/M-2000C/Textures/Weapons' to '/textures/'. 00000.515 INFO SOUND: loaded 10 sdefs from ".\coremods\aircraft\mig-21bis\sounds\sdef" 00000.522 INFO SOUND: loaded 7 sdefs from ".\coremods\aircraft\sa342\sounds\sdef" 00000.737 INFO WorldPlugIns: No 'registryPath' for 'AVIODEV_C-101' 00000.749 INFO GRAPHICSVISTA: Creating Resource "Unicode" of type 1 00000.751 INFO DX11BACKEND: TRUNK renderer init: showShaderError coreCount=1 00000.774 INFO DX11BACKEND: Driver Concurrent Creates - 1 00000.774 INFO DX11BACKEND: Driver Command Lists - 1 00000.775 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadShaders 00000.775 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache Bazar/shaders/fxo 00003.147 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache done 00003.148 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache C:\Users\Xisco\Saved Games\DCS\fxo 00003.149 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache done 00003.149 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadShaders finished 00003.153 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './Bazar/Textures/Buildings_textures' to '/textures/'. 00003.211 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './Mods/tech/Kuznecow/Textures/TUG_3913' to '/textures/'. 00003.257 INFO RENDERER: Global metashader cache enabled 00003.257 INFO RENDERER: Loading metashader cache from C:\Users\Xisco\Saved Games\DCS\metashaders/ 00003.257 INFO RENDERER: Metashader cache: 0 (0) cached shaders out of date 00003.318 ERROR DX11BACKEND: rendertarget "rtDynamicCloudMap" not found 00003.319 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::CreateSurfaceRenderItem() 00003.340 INFO DCS: gDescription: "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770" gVendorId: 4318 gDeviceId: 4484 gMemory: 1989 MB 00003.442 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Destruction shape not found AVIASHTAB_CRASH 00003.443 INFO TERRAIN: lSystem::lSystem 00003.483 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:1 00003.564 ERROR NET: HTTP request dcs:hwreport failed with error 51: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK 00003.582 ERROR VFS: add_location {"My Missions", "C:\Users\Xisco\Saved Games\DCS\Missions"}: path already added as "My Missions" 00004.560 INFO GUI_RENDER: Cannot load font [i:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\dxgui\skins\fonts\]! 00005.143 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::CreateSurfaceRenderItem() 00006.266 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:2 00006.366 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:3 00006.396 ERROR NET: HTTP request dcs:news failed with error 51: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK 00010.519 ERROR NET: HTTP request dcs:login failed with error 51: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK 00010.519 ERROR NET: Login failed with code 503. 00019.120 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::DeleteSurfaceRenderItem() 00019.123 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:5 00019.133 INFO SOUND: detaching sdef path ".\mods\aircraft\tf-51d\sounds\sdef" 00019.133 INFO SOUND: detaching sdef path ".\coremods\aircraft\sa342\sounds\sdef" 00019.133 INFO SOUND: detaching sdef path ".\coremods\aircraft\mig-21bis\sounds\sdef" 00019.133 INFO SOUND: detaching sdef path ".\coremods\aircraft\m-2000c\sounds\sdef" 00019.133 INFO SOUND: detaching sdef path "sounds\sdef" 00019.134 INFO TERRAIN: lSystem::Exit() 00019.134 INFO TERRAIN: lSystem::CleanScenes() 00019.134 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::Exit() 00019.272 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::DeleteSurfaceRenderItem() 00019.272 WARNING LOG: 1 duplicate message(s) skipped. 00019.272 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::Exit() === Log closed.
  3. No, it's like the application just dissapears.
  4. Hello, A friend of mine is trying to download DCS, but as soon as he clicks "start download" and opens DCS_Updater it closes. What can he do? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to create a server on DCS, but my friends can't find it on the list and neither can connect via IP. Port 10308 is open and the exceptions for the firewall have been made. I'd appreciate any help. The server name is TEST, in case anyone has time to see if it appears for you. Thanks!
  6. Participant: illokase Nominated wingman: susje "Action over Las Vegas"
  7. I understood the wingman didn't need to be present in the shot, but I'm not too sure about that...
  8. I would deserve it because I'm flying with a yoke, and it's not too nice lol!
  9. Oh :/ Didn't do a good use of the bonus points then lol! Thanks anyways
  10. Today I bought the M2K but didn't receive bonus points for it, I used 2 dollars of bonus to buy it though. Is it due to that?
  11. Same, I had to go to the menu and activate "mirrors on". Also worth noting that they cause a heavier FPS drop than before, at least for me.
  12. Same, I'd absolutely love to have a big transport plane in DCS. There are times when I want to fly big military aircraft, but I have to switch to P3D to do this, and it's not the same thing. I'd also like to have a KC135 to refuel other players on MP, but I think that's asking too much :P
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