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  1. It sounds good but I'm not sure about the benefit vs the cost of implementing it. Just look at the list of multiplayer servers and you see that a very small part of the community is flying online. How many sales could potentially be gained from newcomers riding along in a free seat...? The new account copy-protection system may allow for this but there are obviously a lot of other changes that would need to be made. I think the CE2 module will be great for attracting new people to DCS even without a free seat. Despite having unparallelled flight models in the consumer market, one of the most common arguments against DCS among FSX/X-Plane users is that it's not a "flight simulator" but a "combat simulator". Having something purely civilian available is going to make a lot of these people interested and once they're in, they may not be so discouraged to try the combat part of it.
  2. Don't have a trk-file right now but I have also experienced this strange behaviour in the engine performance on some of my long flights. Would be interesting to know what's causing it if it's working as intended.
  3. They have confirmed that the RB75 FM is not correct because they copied the old FM from ED:
  4. My Rift CV1 arrived just in time for the Viggen release. Haven't had much time for DCS lately but now I'm gonna have to make time because it's so damn good. I tested the DK2 a year ago so the experience wasn't a surprise but it's still mindblowing every time and I really can't imagine flying without it now. :joystick:
  5. Please fix this. The door gunner is unusable now for me.
  6. With the current patch (, the door gunner view and aim cannot be separated. Before this patch (or before the one last week, can't remember), it was possible to freely look around using TrackIR and separately aim the gun using the mouse without the mouse movements affecting the camera view but that doesn't work anymore. I have tried turning TrackIR on and off, pressing alt+T, and removing the mouse axis from Camera Horizontal/Vertical View under Mi-8MTV2 Gunner and Mi-8MTV2 TrackIR Gunner and Mi-8MTV2 Sim but nothing changes the behaviour.
  7. I agree that it's difficult to use the aimed down view, both because of the lag in lining up the sights and because the narrow partially blocked view doesn't let you lead the target effectively, and also there doesn't seem to be any quick button to get that view. My suggestion is to physically move your head with the TIR to manually line up the sights or simply aim by the tracers when the target is at a too awkward angle. Like this:
  8. Isn't it the other way around though, the camera often failing to capture it because it is visible only very briefly? The most important aspect is of course how the gunner experiences it but this is a much larger caliber than what I've fired personally so I can't determine what is the most realistic.
  9. Are you controlling it with the view aimed down the sights? I find that it's much easier to have the view separated from the aiming, that way you can manually align the sights using TrackIR for targets up close and aim/lead by the tracers for targets further out.
  10. When comparing the in-game KORD to the video below, I noticed that nothing like the significant muzzle flash redirected through that big muzzle break is present at all. Currently there's only some light smoke. So I wonder if the developers have considered adding such a visual effect? Perhaps it could be that such a fireball right in your face for a split second is difficult to do without becoming annoying (I certainly wouldn't want it overdone either).
  11. Thank you! Looking forward to learning even more about my favourite DCS module! :book:
  12. Footage of a JA37 Viggen from a J32E Lansen
  13. Looking forward to it! I can tell from the video and screenshots that you've made some amazing work!
  14. Seeing this machine alive and breathing in DCS is a dream. It's quite ambitious for a first project but you guys seem serious so all the luck to you!
  15. That's a bit disappointing. But I guess it wouldn't be difficult to add it if they decide to go down that route. Even the possibility would be exciting even if it didn't bring any interesting gameplay.
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