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  1. I'm beginning to believe you. So, basically one could run a perfectly good mission with all power buses offline? Impressive piece of engineering if so.
  2. Asset: That is massively helpful. Thanks heaps.
  3. Reading up on the electrical system in the BS, reading both the manual and the forum posts I could find. There seems to be some uncertainty of the manual's accuracy however but it would be kinda important I would think to know which systems are available and which aren't in case of a failure somewhere in the power distribution. So, I was wondering if there ever was complied a final, definite list of which system is powered by which power buses, and if the manual's schematics is correct. In short: A final, definite list of which system is powered by which bus. Known errors in the manual vs the sim (not vs the real deal). NB: All that matters is the sim. If the sim differs from the real heli, then that's not relevant here.
  4. Oh dear oh dear :) No wonder I was confused.
  5. Thanks heaps, Nero.ger. Direction has had me proper confused but now I only have to remember doing that bit of arithmetics. Going to be fun going back and forth between DCS and FSX and see how many times I line up for the wrong runway lol So I take it the weather is more or less fixed then for a given mission? Oh well, one for the wish list perhaps, dynamic weather.
  6. I have a couple questions when it comes to wind in BS2 (perhaps in World, I don't know). 1) Wind direction as reported by tower. When the tower reports wind at 292*, is that the to or from direction? Doing this instant mission and the wind speed is only 2 so it's not really possible for me to judge in a hover so I need to ask here. 2) How is the wind modelled in DCS? Is it a simplistic steady wind or does it vary in direction and speed (shears perhaps?). 3) The BS has something that appears to be some sort of wind indicator on the nose but I am not sure how to "read" it. Any insight? Turning around on the ground doesn't help me making sense of it, or so it appears. 4) Does wind direction affect which runway the tower will assign for takeoff and landings or do we run the risk of taking off and landing in tail wind unless we merrily disregard all instructions?
  7. I don't know about the F15 but the Shark has a trigger switch that makes it impossible to fire both guns and missiles at the same time. That makes it possible for me to have both triggers in use. Unfortunately, on the X52 trigger 2 is not possible to reach without going through trigger 1, as you have found out. Only way I can think of right now that would allow separate triggers for each weapon is to set up another mode so that for example mode 1 would be guns only, and mode 2 would be missiles only. Remember that you could in principle have more modes set up than there are buttons on the stick. You don't have to use the wheel to change modes. Anyway, for my solution as found in the first post: Rebound Weapon Launch to Z in the game key binding and gun to space. Bound trigger 1 to Z in the software (advanced mode) Bound trigger to to space (simple mode although I guess adv mode won't do much difference). The key idea is the software-sim combo doesn't like shift states for trigger 1 functions (for example shift z for fireing missiles) if trigger 2 is bound to an unhifted command, as the shift keypress on trigger 1 tend to carry over to trigger 2.
  8. metzger's post brings up the point of adding to a minimum fuel requirement. Minimum fuel requirement is a theoretical amount of fuel that will take you from spool up through all waypoints and to the final airport in cruise flight all the way with no deviation from the flight plan. To that one might want to add for divertion to alternate. This would be the easiest to estimate and/or calculate. Now the real headache: Whatever extra the tanks can hold after that, is available for mission specifics and how one wants to distribute that fuel is up to the pilot but it does bring in the work of keeping track of flight time and phases of flight plan to a degree only seen in DCS titles putside the real world. One way one could perhaps deal with it is to consider all extra fuel to be spent in a hover as it's the most fuel demanding, especially if you need to go full throttle due to weight and or meteo. At least this removes a bunch of factors and gives you a minimum time frame, and hovering will be a factor in most missions unless one goes completely gung ho guns ablazin'.
  9. Well, I could but 1) I am pretty new to both Steam and DCS and the activation process so 2) I would be pretty horrified if the installation goes haywire and needs a reinstall, also because 3) It took me and this internet almost 2 days to download BS2 from Steam so I would hate to do that again and 4) I have a few broken PCs behind me over the decades after experimenting a bit much so if someone who knows could verify then that would be real nice.
  10. I haven't got the sim up now but is it AM or ДM, the latter being in latin DM? Just a wild guess but the Russian translation of the yard starts with the letter Д (Двор - Dvor) again according to the google translator. EDIT: Scrap that LOL turns out I forgot yard has different meanings. This is not the yard you're looking for.
  11. I assume MM stands for morskaya milya which means nautical mile (as per google translate), so MM = NM. One thing that slipped past translating the ABRIS info. AM is a bit of a mystery to me though.
  12. Wouldn't fuel flow rate depend on all sorts of factors like power setting which in turn would be affected by air temp, humidity, altitude, payload weight etc? Sounds like a proper nightmare working out diagrams and tables for all scenarios. However, there is the empirical way, dull as it may be: Create a mission where you set all atmospheric conditions. Start the mission on say, ground, engines running idle. Let them run out of fuel and note the time it takes for them to run out of fuel. Repeat for each throttle setting. Repeat for different altitudes. Repeat for every change in metheorological condition. Now the real tricky bit Moving any of the controls would require corrections on all other, including collective which in turn would change the power output and fuel consumption. The engine RPM gauges as well as the power gauges on the right side panel might be useful here. Repeat all the above steps for various collective settings (how to do that in-game without losing control is the big question). Then it's about getting all the data together on a spreadsheet or similar. A proper nightmare, alright.
  13. This is sounding better and better now by each post! I might even go as far as to say I could be stoked for 2.5.
  14. Now this is interesting and good info. Thanks heaps. On a side note, perhaps we would see (if the code and policies allow) 3rd party scenery add-ons, kind of like we have for the civ flight sims like FSX.
  15. I have no problem seeing that devs have other priorities (as I strongly hinted at in my 2nd post) but this sub forum is the wish list sub forum after all so why not wish?
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