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  1. No. I´d predefine some WP such like the Airfield WP. For example: U play on Hoggit or any TTI or u play a campaign with ur community and on each map has the Tanker always the same track and location or u have allways the same WP to join up, is it possible to make a own script file ? Such like the Airbase.json.
  2. Awesome App thank u for this great work!! Is it possible to at in the dtc-airbases.json different WP not only Airfields. For example: U fly a Mission often to save some refference points such Tanker Tracks, Killboxes or IPs. Or I have to make a new .json file for this WPs.
  3. Hey @Ansirial!! Is it possible to bind the Logbook Squadron Page to our own HP?
  4. Oh it has a yellow Warning sign now it is working . Thx so much
  5. The cougar is connected I can fly with it and I can bind all keys. but I need the RDR slew for the F16 Its the first time I try it. I unboxed it few hours ago.
  6. Hello. Can anyone help me pls with the Cougar HOTAS. I followed all steps from the First post but I have the following problem. All buttons are gray I can do nothing no calibration etc. Maybe anyone can help me.
  7. Nice work!! Love it!! Is it possible to give the Tanker and the AWACS different frequencies without editing in the ME.
  8. Ok. You guys Triggert me alot. So after few Nights with Brainstorming and some tests in PS I will rewrite the whole Story. Story will be almost the same but I hope more interesting. My biggest mistake was. I released the first version a bit to fast but I have many learned. Thx for ur Feedbacks and Passion.:thumbup:
  9. WOW awesome. Why u not continue?
  10. No Russians are not Badguys!! Badguys only the ISIS one.
  11. The location is told on page 5. "Somewehre in the mediteranian sea". The first Story is only a Overview what happend an which Coalitions play in this story. The next Storys will tell u the Point off View from the differnt Units. And I'm trying to find a combination of storyline and flight procedures. And all Comic writer have his own variation to tell storys and this is mine. I have read tons of Comics in the last 30 years and all writer has their own line. I hope this explanation help a bit to understand what I´m doing and why. But thx for your Feedback. :thumbup:
  12. Thx for your true words. I will try to get better. :thumbup: But with the Picture size there is my opinion. I make it bigger so you can see the beautyfull things in DCS better.:music_whistling:
  13. Thanks men. There is coming more but it needs some time. I hope I can release #2 at the end of the month.
  14. The Final is Top Secret atm;)
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