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  1. Hi Sabre, This mission has many bugs for me, practice and check ride version. To name a few: once joined with circling FE, unable to catch him in the descent. At least one very abrupt deceleration by FE - unable to maintain trail spacing even when reacting immediately. Told to climb, rejoin pattern and contact tower once through the visual training route. Tower directed headed to fly, then given notification by FE of failure to make it to (unknown) wp in time. Continue to fly inbound heading from tower control. Eventually exit MOA inbound Batumi, busted by FE there (although following directions). To me this looks like the AI aircraft behavior has changed significantly since this mission was first designed and possibly some triggers are broken as well (may or may not be related to AI behavior). With the recent news letter about the A-10C II development, can I rest easy that this will be fixed with the new module, or should I just expect this to remain in it's current state?
  2. Hi Sabre, Do you plan on continuing support for these campaigns with the recently announced Warthog 2 module? I understand it will be replacing the current module. If so, will it be a paid or free update? Thanks,
  3. Can't taxi cause the a-hole is holding his wings open in foxhound and mig-28 missions at least (I suspect many more than that).
  4. Glad to see this Wags. I went to flight sim expo last year. I told the organizers they should include DCS world. I am formerly a civilian flight sim enthusiast (X-plane but a years ago also FSX) but it has lost a lot of appeal when compared to the leaps and bounds DCS has made in the last few years. I chose not to attend this year primarily because I did not see a DCS presence. I think this is great, and I hope you guys chose to keep attending US based flight sim conferences as I think it would really help boost the DCS customer base. If this is the case I will definitely come out next year.
  5. I can confirm this bug. I had to fly the 12000ft wp around 11600ft.
  6. I too have the oscillation of death problem. Nothing seems to fix it (including repairing DCS). I cannot fly it with just trim while MAN REV is on because the oscillations are too violent. My strategy was to just flip on and off MAN REV quickly to catch any triggers, then fly the plane without hydraulics using the stick for pitch and yawing with the rudders for directional control. Just did a long gradual decent and straight in. Nailed the landing at the threshold around 145kts. Emergency Brake helped to stop me quickly. Got a qualified rating. Was a fun mission, but something with the MAN REV is still bugged.
  7. Thank you for the help, I was able to pass it ... barely. Still unable to accomplish the cloverleaf. Has anyone been able to do this? I appreciate having Recon Stewarts videos, but if Maple Flag made actual demonstration videos of things working the way they should it would go a LONG way. Especially with the A-10C getting texture refresh, it could be a good time to do it. A side note ... the trigger for going off course on waypoint 2 (where you turn from heading 300, angles 6 to heading 040, towards the MOA) is obnoxiously too close. If you wait until the examiner finishes his command to tell you to turn and make a standard rate turn, you will quickly get disqualified for course deviation. Instead I have to make a 2G turn as soon as he begins the command to both stay on course, and not get barked at by the examiner. Now onto mission 08, emergencies, and to the associated forum thread to find out why my MAN REV. mode is going into wild oscillations ...
  8. Sabre, I sent the TRK to the mapleflagmissions email you have listed(earlier I sent it to the one provided by the ED forums which appears to be different). While preforming these maneuvers I had both this spoiler thread open as well as Recon Stewarts video, I stepped through each maneuver after watching the video and reviewing the passing criteria with the results I have already mentioned (problems with Immelmann and Cloverleaf). By the way I believe that Recon was not able to pass the Cloverleaf either (I cannot check, at work now). Hopefully you can review my file and let me know where I am going wrong. Thanks for the help.
  9. Sabre, In particular the Immelmann and the cloverleaf seem unachievable for me. For the Immelmann it doesn't seem to matter if I roll out level after or prior to passing through the horizon, or level with the horizon; I still fail the maneuver (even staying on heading). For the clover leaf I often think I hit the headings, but the examiner disagrees every time. I have no clue where it is failing me. I have been careful to be at 260 kts or greater for these maneuvers. I cannot attach the trk because the file size is too large ... I will try sending it directly to you.
  10. Super stoked to see hype on the F-16! My grandfather worked his career for General Dynamics in the F-16 program so I very happy to see it. I think it IS an appropriate and timely addition to the line up. Very pleased it is going to be managed in-house. Multi-role, aggressor ... this will help fill out the line up. So we want more soviet aircraft and helis? Yes! But I wouldn't like to shelf the Viper for that. (personally I would like to see a Mig-25 and then AH-64D) For those of you who are also low-life civilian flight simulator scum (myself included), Navigraph posted their 2018 flight sim survey results and it turns out the majority of simulator users are 43 year old males living in the USA making 50k a year w/full time job and hold 4 year college degree. I was shocked to see that statistic. SHOCKED I TELL YOU! /s http://blog.navigraph.com/post/181243982766/flightsim-community-survey-2018-results I'm sure ED is aware of their customer stats, therefore the viper is a wise choice imho.
  11. Sabre, I have tried a few more times without luck to get these maneuvers right. I am thinking it could be the way I have my axis tuned, and would like to experiment to see what works. However, even the practice mission takes too long for me to get loaded in, climb up & fly out to the MOA. I do not have experience editing missions, but is there a way I (or you) can trim the missions down to right before each maneuver, so I can practice each one until I can consistently get it right? If there was an option to save a mission in a current state that would fix this, but I do not see that option in the menu. Thanks for the help. I am really looking forward to getting past this mission.
  12. Hi Sabre, Having difficulty with this mission as well. Can you give some advice in terms of how to set up for these maneuvers (for instance what airspeed to start at)? I am not sure if my G-force application is incorrect, but I roll out (and hit intermediate checks) on heading & altitude but still get "you failed to preform the maneuver ..." Typically I cannot complete the immelmann or split-S. The loop and barrel roll don't give me as much trouble, as I usually complete them successfully about a quarter of the time. I have never completed the cloverleaf successfully. I have reviewed the related post on this giving the spoiler about what the program is looking for in terms of heading/altitude/pitch/bank/etc checks. As far as I can tell I am well inside the tolerances. Is there something else I can do to pass this mission so I move past this? Frustration and annoyance are strongly eclipsing any fun that I am having at this point ... Thanks, EDIT: I have also watched the related Recon Stewart video ... entertaining but did not help with passing these tasks successfully.
  13. Avarien


    Even after submitting my pre-order with the F-14B reveal yesterday, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy over the perceived detail that HB has poured into the F-14B. I can't help but hearken to the classic quality vs. quantity debate for comparing sim developer companies. Sure, if you're casual gamer just playing through Steam FC3 may be all you need, but for those of us who get off on the 900 page manuals ... those of us who got hooked by the A-10C ask a lot out of a developer. I know this strike eagle project has been in the works a long time. I sure hope we get the systems fidelity and immersion detail on par with HBs tomcat. By the way I for one am much more interested in systems modeling accuracy over super high-res textures, those are just a nice-to-have item. I am cautiously optimistic about Razbams next monthly update. And I do not give a sh*t about removable CFT.
  14. Avarien


    I believe it directly effects the parasitic (form) drag, which varies based on altitude (or more correctly, based on air density, which is also effected by temperature, pressure, moisture content). Also the mach shock wave will change [with] the form. How do these developers create their flight models? Is it a CFD simulation, or by using historical flight test data (or both)? Is each piece of ordnance just assigned a drag penalty? Is there any tweaking in different conditions of flight? Without a full range of flight test data, any simulations speculative, and at the mercy of whatever assumptions are made. What is the advantage to even discussing no CFT on the strike eagle if it is never practically employed? Certainly trying to use this as a technique to build some balance into multiplayer seems a little silly. I'd be more interested in an accurate flight model that is most representative of the actual aircraft used in service, and as full fidelity of systems simulation as possible, but that's just me.
  15. Avarien


    No. Just stop, please.
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