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  1. Its a shame they dont wipe the windows though SD
  2. Does this mod only work with version of DCS? I have just indtalled the clear water version above and all seems fine and it all running smoothly except that when I move my head fore and aft the whole cockpit moves with me. I just wanted to try it out in the G2. I am running teh latest beta version of DCS. Cheers SD
  3. My G2 arrived today and I have been trying to set it up. Definately not as plug and play as my Oculus Rift S. I have installed the plethera of programs I need to get it to run but I am gretting terrible performance in DCS. I am using the same settings in DCS as I used for my Rift and I have even tried lowering them but I am experiencing really bad reprojection issues. So bad in fact that it is almost unplayable. I am seriously considering going back to the Rift. I am finding that although the gauges in the aircraft are nice and really crisp if I look outside teh cockpit it seems really fuzzy and out of focus. If someone is getting decent performance and craphics with a 1080ti could yuo please share your settings. SD
  4. well done mate. Free money is always a good thing :D SD
  5. dunno about that. It just went on sale. Servers are getting hammered though :(
  6. Bargain :) Oh and I used some miles so $6.50 SD
  7. I'm In the same Boat Don. I'll be saying goodbye to Oculus soon too. I have never used the home thing or anything else for that matter. I just game with the thing but, now that it will require a FB account as well It's sayonara for me and off to pastures new. Don't know what I'll be going for yet though. There's quite a choice. SD
  8. What a fantastic series of videos. A big THANK YOU to Barundus for taking the time to create them for us. I am really looking forward to the release of this chopper, definitely a day 1 purchase for me :thumbup: SD
  9. Top notch map and considering the detail great performance too. Excellent job on the Palmyra ruins. It's like a virtual tour :thumbup: Cheers SD
  10. I am sure the lighting will get sorted at some point. For me the main issue with the cityscapes at night is how geometric they are. perfect squares and polygons are really jarring. I notice this especially on the PG Map at night SD.
  11. I would LOVE to see a chinook in DCS. SD
  12. changing the hud colour is easy. just go to your DCS directory then to \Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts then open up the materials.lua file in notepad++ go to line 26 which should look like this materials["HUD"] = {255, 2, 2, 200} --Red HUD and change the first three numbers (the fourth is opacity) to the colour you wish. the above numbers will give you a red HUD. these are the original numbers for a Green HUD materials["HUD"] = {2, 255, 2, 200}--Green HUD I would post a screen shot but I cant find a good easy to use free hoster. Have fun SD
  13. Lol. I take it you like the F-16 then Mace :megalol: Nice post :thumbup: SD
  14. just though I would chime in here. In reality you have to do walk-arounds, aircraft checks radio checks startup checks, hover checks....etc, etc. ad nausium. a mission startup in reality would take a lot longer than the 13 minutes we have to wait to take off. Everything in a war zone is done on a time basis so it's always a hurry up and wait scenario. If everything was done "by the book" in the sim most people would get fed up real quick. I see where the OP is coming from, but to be honest I think the mission makers have done a really bang up job of simulating a proper mission scenario. You don't just get in an aircraft and take off. Procedures must be followed. But then you have things to watch happen around you and things to do while you wait. Personally I love the attention to detail that the mission maker has managed to get into these mission and look forward to their next offering. SD
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