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  1. Really a pity that the Mirage now looks like a UFO/Disco from a distance and during fly by view. Disco.mp4
  2. I get the yellow flash only on the Channel map and with any type of aircraft.
  3. Attached are three frames when the yellow flash occurs. The frame prior to, the yellow flash and the frame right after.
  4. I get the yellow flashes with piston and jet aircraft. Latest Nvidia drivers on Win7. Specs - I7 4770K (OC 4.4), 1080ti, SSD & 32 GB Ram.
  5. Thanks for the reply Svend_Dellepude, hopefully this texture glitch will be sorted in the future.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out Seaeagle, now I never unsee that cutout...lol.
  7. I noted some time back that the air speed gauge on the Mig-29 has been changed. There is a white square on the "0". I searched photos of real Mig-29 cockpits and I could not find a similar case in the real world. Does anyone know why ED made this change to the gauge?
  8. Thanks a million razo+r and LCO489. Normal operations resumed as the fix works 100%.
  9. Yip, I see even jn the encyclopedia the R3R missile looks like this. Does it look the same on your side or is it properly textured?
  10. After the last OB patch the mod (.edm files) to fix the missing R3R & R3S missile textures does not work anymore. Does anyone know how to fix them as the default ED ones are a reminder of 1980's Atari graphics. See the R3R & R3S on the attached screenshot.
  11. Hi Quaggles, I tried it with two empty/silent oog files but no luck. The betty callouts were still there. See my file path in the attachment. Is it correct?
  12. Thanks Quaggles, I will give it a try.
  13. To get rid of Betty for the F-16 I used to delete the .ogg sound files found here: Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Sounds\Effects\Aircrafts\F-16\Cockpit\Betty With the 2.5.6 patches and after today's one the 'Sounds' folder inside main F-16C directory was replaced with 'Sounds.edc' containing the new sound type files as per the attached image. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the Betty call outs with the new sound structure?
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